NBA Playoff Brewery # 1 – Component Brewing in Milwaukee

Gotta start with the defending champion Bucks, so let’s head to Component Brewing and find a starting five…

Chase Avenue Chaser – pilsner

Three Steeples – pale lager

Mosaic Theory – Flagship IPA brewed with local honey.

Haze the Lord – “We add lactose to this hazy IPA to give it a smooth mouthfeel and pronounced hop aroma/flavor. Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops.”

Junk Drawer #002– “New England IPA 6.3% ABV. Double Dry Hopped with Idaho 7, Azaca Cryo and Citra. We used a thiol producing strain of yeast the brings out even more fruit aroma. Think passion fruit and grapefruit!”

NBA City Brewery # 2 – City Lights Brewing Co. in Milwaukee

The second surprising team in the NBA are the Bucks of Milwaukee. New coach and a deepened bench along with a certain Greek Freak have lifted them to the top of Eastern Conference talk.

The brewery to visit is based in an old building from 1902 that used to house the Milwaukee Gas Light Company. City Lights Brewing Company has taken over the West Side Water Works Campus as their brewing home.

Here are the Midwestern beers that I would taste in an initial tasters tray….

Belgian Wit – “Old school meets new school in this Belgian style Wit Beer. Traditional Hallertau Mittlefruh hops are used along with additions of coriander and orange peel late in the boil. We chose Belgian Wheat yeast for subtle fruity esters and very light phenolic notes as to not overpower the other subtle flavors. To make this style a bit more interesting and we’ve added a fresh twist with the late additions of Huell Melon hops and 400 lbs of pink guava puree for a delightfully balanced fruity finish. The delicate balance of orange peel, coriander, hops, and pink guava puree make for a delightfully quenching summertime beer.”

Amber Ale – “If the hops and malt of this Amber Ale were on either end of a see-saw; it would sit at a standstill parallel with the ground. With a blend of German Tradition hops and American Willamette hops, there is just enough hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma to keep your nose and taste buds wanting more. A combination of 5 different malts give this beer a hint of caramel sweetness, a splash of breadiness, and just the right amount of character to make this simple style wanting your taste buds to do The Waltz.”

Mosaic Pale Ale – “This powerful version of a mid-western pale ale sweeps the palate with mango, lemon, citrus, tropical fruit and stone fruit. This multitude of flavor sinks deep into the taste buds, briefly clinging to the roof of the mouth which enlivens the palate and adds zest. Flowery citrus notes dominate by mid-serving, masterfully integrating with the patina of delicate bitterness that finishes with a 5.3 ABV smoothness. The palate cleansing hop character comes courtesy of Mosaic and Ekuanot hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest.”

Hazy IPA – “Massive late additions of Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops give this beer a strong tropical aroma and flavor. A simple grain bill of 2 row base malt, wheat, and flaked oats give this beer a beautiful full body; and the high protein content contributes to a pleasant haze. To further accentuate the tropical flavor and aroma we double dry hop this beer with Vic Secret hops.”

Doppelbock – “This is a full-bodied beer with a rich brown color accented with dark amber hues. We have lightly hopped this beer with traditional German hops just enough to offset the malty sweetness. Malt and yeast reign supreme in this beer brewed with 100% German malts and German lager yeast. This beer is rich in melanoidins and has notes of chocolate; caramel and toasted bread.”

The Audio Will Be Spectacular

If you wondered what 1,150 beer cans opening at the same time sounds like, well then head to Milwaukee, Wisconsin as an attempt to set a new Guinness record will take place. Hosted by the Wonder Bar on Saturday, October 6, at 4 p.m., the current record for “simultaneous beer can opening” that belongs to, get this, Career Consulting Co. of Japan, with 1,149 people might be broken.

For $20, you get a can of beer for opening, a complimentary 2nd tap beer, a commemorative T-shirt, a downloadable photo of the event, and a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

New (Old) Milwaukee

They lost me at “innovation”. Pabst Brewing Company thinks they get craft cred by re-establishing a brewery where it used to be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 8.20.50 PM
Now that the site has been revitalized with office buildings, apartments and a hotel, they feel they can put in a small brewery and tasting room capable of producing around 2,000 barrels a year.

Now I do like that Pabst may re-introduce pre-prohibition brands like Old Tankard Ale and Andecker, plus the emphasis on “inspired by recipes from the Pabst archives,” is admirable. But I am having a hard time reconciling that idea with what they currently do which is PBR, Schlitz and Old Milwaukee. None of which are lighting up the world with “innovation”. Add in that these are the same folks who just bought into “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” and things get sketchier still.

Maybe I will be proven wrong but count me in the pessimistic camp on this new brewery.