Will Thor be Brewing?

Fresh off the big crowds for new food and beer options at their newly opened Star Wars Land, comes news that the Earth’s Mightiest Defenders will be mashing out and dry hopping inside the park to keep Galactus and Thanos from getting too thirsty.

Maybe this is what Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Daredevil will be doing now that they are not on Netflix.

Let’s Tour…Strange Brewing

from the Strange Brewing website

Now for a strange tour, brewing that is. Strange Brewing is another new entry to the high flyin’ Denver beer scene.

They have a selection of 9 beers according to their website. Including these 2 that I would like a sample of…

Cherry Kriek
We named this Strange Brew ‘Cherry Cherry’ because that’s what it is. There’s so much cherry in this beer even its foamy head is red! We start with a Dark Belgian Wheat recipe, cram it full of Montmorency Tart Cherry goodness, then age it with oak. The result is a cherry cherry lovers dream come true. Goes great with dark chocolate, with fudge brownies, with chocolate gateau, with cacao nibs, with…well you get the picture. And did we mention cherries?
4.7% ABV 15 IBUs

Le Bruit Du Diable
Our spin on a classic Belgian farmhouse ale. We start with high quality Belgian Pilsner malt and add some Belgian Caramel Vienne and Caramel Munich for color and complexity. Bring it back down to earth with just the right amount of Czech Saaz hops to provide refreshing balance. Fermented hot with a very special yeast strain from the Wallonia region of Belgium, this unique yeast gives our Diable its earthy, fruity, spiciness and dry malt character.
7.5% ABV 42 IBUs

Cody Brewing

I always find something interesting from the Beer Advocate magazine (much more so than the website, which is a little on the trolly side) And on the last page of the recent edition is about a newish brewery in Massachussetts by the name of Cody Brewing.

They have two really out there offerings: Fruit cake strong ale and Wasabi lemongrass lager.