Not a Pickle

Cucumber can be super refreshing. There is a reason why people put it on their eyes and why spa water normally has that as a flavor. Now Party Beer takes that and melon to make a “cool” sour. Coming out now as summer approaches is brilliant

Review – Melon Beers

There are some fruits that get all the beer love, melon is not one of them. But I have seen a recent uptick in their use and now I have two to compare.

First up is from Lucky Luke, Billie a cantaloupe Gose…

… which has a light cantaloupe sweetness. That first sip is quite zippy. Good balance of salt to tart. Has a bit of melon rind smell tucked in as well. Finishes a bit velvety and a touch sugary.

Second is the Melon Saison from Cellador Ales

… which pours a fizzy yellow. The Saison overflowed once the cap came off. Light honeydew taste is there at the back. Layer of acid and some farmhouse textures. Some barn leather notes. Melon sugar/water can’t balance the tart though.

Of the two, the Billie from Lucky Luke struck the right balance of tart to sweet. The Cellador Saison was good but was too puckery tart for me.