Featured Beer Review – Spencer Holiday Ale

This was my first ever sip of an American Trappist ale!  Spencer Brewery made a drop of their range in Los Angeles and I was able to pick up most of their packaged beers. The Holiday Ale is like comfort food for me.  A malt bonanza. And really nicely spicy as well. Pours a dark brown color. Love the pair with family and friends line on the label. Fruitcake notes here but heavier on that Belgian Tripel note. That clove hit is evident. Also a jammy plum note. Nice sparkle here. 

New on the East Coast # 2 – Aeronaut Brewing


Combine three MIT students with one Yalie, an old Safety Envelope building and a passion for the farmer’s market and you have Aeronaut Brewing in Somerville, Mass.

This brewery started up last year and has a unique set of beers when taken together.

Here is what I would try in a taster tray….

Unionator Dopplebock – “Traditional malty, bready, strong lager.”

Union Square Burton Union Style IPA – “Strong hops, with fruit and wood notes.”

A Session with Dr. Nandu American Pale Ale – “Refreshing, passionfruit notes of Mosaic hops.”

Hauftoberfest Marzen – “Easy drinking malty lager.”

Summer in Cologne Kolsch – “Crisp, light, refreshing, quaffable.”

Review – Clown Shoes Galactica


Yes, I am deeply afraid of clowns.  But I am growing fonder thanks to the beers of Clown Shoes from Massachusetts. The Sci-Fi heroine on the label points to a hoppy concoction from the hop staff she wields.  Galactica pours a bright orange color. Thin head on this one, a quick dissipation of bubbles. A bit of caramel on the nose with some slight citrus behind it. My initial taste is of grape and grape juice. And that taste doesn’t fade as it warms up.  It is almost like a grape barley wine. Good little sparkle to it as well so it doesn’t get too cloying.  I would like to see this in an XPA version to get a little more of the hop character.  As is, it is more an East Coast big malt bill that leads the way.


The Terrible Real Estate Photos blog is my new favorite site (after mine of course).  Photo after photo of some really bad home shots that shouldn’t have seen the light of day.  Hit the delete button people!  Or better yet, don’t.  I love reading the pithy little comments below each one.

Take your Craft Beer to Market

I have always thought that (especially in Los Angeles) an adult Farmer’s Market in the early evening would be a hit. Have the usual vendors of greens and satsuma’s but throw in a local winery or brewery. Now it looks like Massachusetts is looking into doing it.

This snippet that I found on the interwebs has me hopeful, “The next legislative session hasn’t started yet, but one local official is already brewing a proposal that could help bolster the Bay State’s craft beer industry. State Sen. James Eldridge, D-Acton, plans on filing legislation next year at the State House, that if passed, would allow local beer makers to sell their products at Farmers Markets and agricultural events in Massachusetts.”