25 Blues

One of the favorite of the summer beer events for both the breweries and fans alike has been the Mammoth Bluesapalooza. It is still on my bucket list. Maybe 2022 for me. But this year is a milestone, # 25!

And Mammoth Brewing is releasing a 10% TIPA to mark the occasion. In bombers no less.

Goose It

I must say that I do like currants more than Gooseberries but I am curious as how to either, let alone combined, will work in a sour. But Mammoth Brewing Company has their spin on it for their 2015 Harvest Series. I might just be adventurous to try it.

Wild Sierra

I have had the pleasure of having a few Mammoth Brewing beers and this looks like another winner and a bit of a departure what with the Lactobacillus and all. And the label is nice and soothing. Now this is 3rd on my Mammoth list behind the two bear beers, Dos Osos and Tres Osos.