A usual collaboration is two breweries.  Some go to a trio.  But rare are the quadlaborations.  But Lucky Luke, Telco, Wolf Creek and Brewery Draconum are celebrating their neck of the L.A. woods with a new Cold IPA, Four Corners.

It Really Does

I am quite surprised that this beer name hasn’t been used way more, especially here in Los Angeles, I guess that travel from the Santa Clarita area to NoHo can generate it for sure.

Traffic Sucks is the first collaboration between Lucky Luke and Lawless. It “is a snappy hop forward lager. Brewed with Strata hops, this golden clear lager is bursting with passion fruit, apricot and strawberry notes along with hints of the hop plant’s party animal cousin (we’ll let you figure that one out).”

Review – Two IPA’s from Lucky Luke Brewing

Time to dive into some IPA’s from sorta local Lucky Luke Brewing Company.

In a world where a LOT of IPAs taste very similar, these two do not.

Hooray for Me – this is quite uniquely fruity. Maybe guava or papaya here. It has the clarity if not the bracing bitterness. That 7.2% is super well masked. Could easily be a DIPA in name.

Free High 5 – certainly a hazy DIPA. Getting huge amounts of banana and earthiness here. Squarely in the hazy category. This is a cheek warmer. Soft texture but in no way weak.

LABW 13 – BFE 2022

If you are in the northerly section of L.A. County, then you are in luck since you will be having your own mini L.A. brewery festival at Lucky Luke in Santa Clarita, BFE.

And this festival will be marking in Tiki time.

Featured Review – The Cartographer Rye Pale Ale from Lucky Luke

The 2nd featured review of beers bought with a gift card at Craft Beer Cellar – Eagle Rock is from north of me in Palmdale.

Lucky Luke Brewing has recently started sending bottles south and I picked up the Pale Ale with Rye, the Cartographer…

This GPS map maker beer pours a very light orange. Earthy and spicy mix at first with a bit of a lemonade flavor coming through at the end which I quite like. Aroma is kind of bland and missing something. Cartographer falls squarely into the pale ale category which makes it rightly named in a world where IPA’s can get called DIPA or Session. Intrigues me enough to buy more bottles when I see them.

Beer Talk Amidst the Books

Time to head to the library and learn about craft beer in Los Angeles. And you won’t even need to crack open a book. The Culinary Historians of Southern California (no, I had not heard of them either) have scheduled a panel on the evolution of brewing in Los Angeles inside the Central Library in their Mark Taper Auditorium.

Joining moderator John Verive of the Los Angeles Times will be representatives from Smog City Brewing, Strand Brewing Co., Dry River Brewing and Lucky Luke Brewing Co on Saturday, October 8th at 10:30am to hear us talk Craft Beer: past, present and future!

Here’s the full description from the CHSC, “Welcome to a thirst-quenching panel discussion! Once a barren desert for local beer, in the last seven years Los Angeles County has grown into a craft beer hub for Southern California, finally catching up to more established brewing scenes in San Diego, Santa Barbara and Northern California. Dedicated to fostering a sense of community and local pride, our brewers are bringing high-quality artisanal products into a hyper-local market.”

First Visit – Lucky Luke Brewing

Within shouting distance or a Peyton Manning football toss from Transplants Brewing is Lucky Luke Brewing.  Whereas Transplants was about the graffiti art and creature on the wall with video games, LL is all wood and piping with an outdoor seating area.
The beers all have old-timey names like The Esquire or the Mortician. I settled in with a pale ale to gauge the middle of the beer list, The Cartographer was fine. It was certainly in the pale ale category. Probably the pale ale category from a few years back before session IPA’s usurped the category. It was nice and golden in color with a bit of a muted aroma to it.
If they had crowlers or to go I would have liked to try their Tart Saison and their Oatmeal Stout to see how the other styles fare and see where their brewing strength lay.