Two Bright

Last week, Los Angeles Ale Works released two pale ales with artwork by Brady Smith.

Here are the beer details straight from the brewery:
Cannonball Kid (Juicy Pale Ale 6.0%) features El Dorado and Cascade hops. Resinous notes of grapefruit and mango gummy bears. 
 Pugapalooza (Pale Ale 6.0%sports Sabro, Sultana, and El Dorado hops to lead you down the road to tropical notes of guava and passionfruit.

Review – Down Sunset from LA Ale Works and Sunset Beer Co.

Let’s take a drive down Sunset Boulevard with a quick review of the collaboration beer from Los Angeles Ale Works and beer shoppe extraordinaire, Sunset Beer Co.

This West Coast IPA pours a vibrant orange color. There is an orange peel and pine aroma that leads to a juicy hit of tangerine for me. That is followed by a weird malty meets metal taste that is out of step with the early flavor of citrus. At the tail end is a bundle of bitterness that takes the flavors in another direction again.

Featured Review – Black is Beautiful x3

I rounded up three of the local versions of the Weathered Souls Black is Beautiful beers to review in one big post. Smog City, Los Angeles Ale Works and Ogopogo.

Smog City
Pours s dark brown/ black mix. Big espresso head of foam. Burnt notes big here. Lowest abv of the trio. Chicory. Coffee. A bit watery but only just barely so. Direct and simple.

Los Angeles Ale Works
Pours a dark black. Coconut strong to start. Lovely aroma. Sorta like a salted caramel. Sweet and salt. Tilted a bit much to the salt side though in the end. Does not taste 10%.

Cinnamon is the dominant flavor here. Alcohol more prevalent here too. Very smooth mouthfeel. Sorta like a fall coffee drink. Minor roast notes. Minor sweetness.


SoCal and summer go together about five to six months, give or take, each year. That means lighter beers coming to the forefront. Los Angeles Ale Works is adding to your Helles choices with a non-extinction level event. I doubt it is boiled with hot rocks from either space or earth.


This damn virus has stolen St. Patrick’s Day from us and now unless you are daring with your life (I.E. Georgia or Tennessee), Cinco de Mayo will go by without the typical fanfare.

I have posted many a time about how I spend those nights safe at home away from packed bars and packed police checkpoints but I thought I would give three recommendations for tomorrow’s Cinco de Solo.

Stone Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager is a great place to start. Light and refreshing and with enough citrus to make it a fun way to start the night.

Boomtown Bad Hombre is a Mexican Lager with a spicy kick from Hallertauer hops.

Los Angeles Ale Works Dead Cowboy – labeled as a rustic red lager. This amber beer uses puffed rice.


A) Brewery cats are cool.

B) There will be a can release party with the label designer and all-around awesome Kelly Erickson on the 15th. Details HERE.

C) Oh, and it is an IPA.