ONS – Now in two Locations!

The famed One Night Stand from Beer Belly is now going on in two places?

The first ONS of the year (TODAY) now begins with a kick-off event featuring a taplist of the participating 2017 breweries.
• Smog City (special mystery beer)
• Noble Ale Works Crowler Phil IPA
• El Segundo BBA Standard Crude
• Beachwood Tovarish (Elida Coffee variant)
• Bottle Logic Darkstar November
• Monkish Mind of a Peach (ONS Collaboration Series #1)
• Phantom Carriage BA Broadacres w Peaches
• AleSmith Speedway Stout w/ Coconut & Vanilla
• Highland Park Brewery Good Green
• The Bruery Wineification III
• The Bruery White Chocolate
• Allagash TBD

Start scheduling according to K-Town or LBC….

The 2017 Lineup KTOWN:
• Kickoff (1/28)
• Noble Ale Works (2/15)
• El Segundo Brewing (3/15)
• Allagash (4/19)
• Beachwood (5/17)
• Bottle Logic (6/21)
• Monkish (7/19)
• Phantom Carriage (8/16)
• AleSmith (9/20)
• Highland Park Brewery (10/18)
• Smog City (11/15)
• The Bruery/Terreux (12/20)

The 2017 Lineup Long Beach:
• Modern Times (1/25)
• Eagle Rock (2/22)
• The Bruery/Terreux (3/22)
• Craftsman (4/26)
• Mumford (5/24)
• Three Weavers (6/28)
• Chapman Crafted (7/26)
• Good Beer (8/23)
• Dry River (9/27)
• State Brewing (10/25)
• Brouwerij West (11/22)
• Lost Abbey (12/27)

Anyone strong enough to hit all 24 events?

Pasadena BeerFest

It appears that Pasadena is getting into the beer festival business.  And they have read the tea leaves and are going very local.  Not some generic affair.


I will go on record as saying that only Absolution and The Dude’s have underwhelmed me so far.  Alosta and Timeless Pints still have something to prove and I don’t know all that much about Wolf Creek to be honest.  But the remaining 15.  Well, they are good.  Which makes this an event to watch.

LA Beer Week – Day Eleven – Ultimate Flight Night

A night in Alahambra, sipping at the L.A. Beer Week version of Ultimate Flight Night thanks to 38 Degrees…. That photo shows only 1/2 of the plethora of flights you could have ordered last night. I chose to not go that route and tried the Eagle Rock Barrel Aged Equinox, Stone 15th Anniversary with espresso beans and The Bruery’s Birra Basta. My beer buddy Richard stayed on program and got the Beachwood BBQ Brewing Flight. His favorite was the Thrill Seeker IPA.
Jeremy Raub was in the house along with Kern River and Mitch Steele from Stone as well. Oh and FoodGPS Josh, Alex Villa, The Full Pint guys and Dan from L.A. Weekly too… Who gave me the lowdown on the proper toast.

Thanks to Clay Harding and his flight crew for the evening!

Brews at the Zoo

Last Friday, I found myself at the….

…for Brews at the Zoo.

For a first year event run by a zoo, this was well done. The first sign that this was going to be good was that they reached out to the local breweries. It would have been easy to go with “name” beers. I.E. The Highly Marketed Ones. But they made a great effort. Bringing in breweries that I hadn’t seen in LA county at all like Noble from Anaheim (I suggest the Alpha Red) and Inland Empire from, well, the Inland Empire. (I recommend the Pepin the Short)

The second positive sign was the fact that each brewery brought two beers. Nothing rare or earth shattering but it certainly wasn’t one of those festivals where one flagship was pouring and that’s it. I got to taste the El Segundo IPA for the first time as well as a nice saison from Left Coast.

Plus the location is really great. How often do you get to drink with ‘gators….
…and giraffes….

I am going to watch for any future versions of this fest and if you are in L.A. you should too.