Craft Beers of the Pacific NW

More great beer books! You should really pick this one up if you are in the great Northwest or if you are planning on going there.

Lisa Morrison knows the good stuff. That’s why she has a radio show about beer, she writes for Beer Advocate and All About Beer and she is a member of the new Barley’s Angels as well!

So go HERE and grab a copy!

Don Younger (and other beery news)

If you want to hear one of the people that made craft beer drinking as easy and fun as it is today, then take a listen to part 1 of Lisa Morrison’s interview with Don Younger of Horse Brass fame.

You can listen on iTunes HERE or go to her website HERE to listen to Don as well as learn about Fort George Brewing’s expansion and Full Sail’s Bump in the Night.

To learn about where craft beer was back in the 1970’s is amazing. Most bars had one tap and that one tap had one beer. Their beer menu was the neon sign outside that said either Olympia, Blitz, Rainier or one of the other breweries.

Brew news you can use

If you want to get interviews with important Oregon brewers, get excellent beer reviews or just listen to a fellow beer geek then I urge you to take a listen to Lisa Morrison and her Beer O’Clock radio show / podcast.

I personally think that every part of the country should have someone broadcasting the great things that are going on in each area’s brewing scene. Be it Portland or Asheville.