Triple Review – AleSmith – KickBackRelax, Cloud Stream and Limeberry Twist

Let’s dive into three beers that venerable San Diego brewery AleSmith sent me recently….

Starting with Cloud Stream Hazy IPA, I would label this as medium hazy in appearance.  A dark orange color. The can describes it as red currant, mango and passion fruit.  I see the last two tropical descriptors frequently but red currant is a new one.  But I do get that flavor front and center even though the aroma is fairly muted. Fruit punch plays a minor background chord. 

LimeBerry Twist pours with a big pink foam. Lovely red color. Beginners level of tartness. Raspberry and lime flavors mix together really well. Refreshing with a touch of wheat at the back.  

KickBackRelax Session IPA really bright light pine aroma to near dankness.  4.2% is super duper low. I was expecting watery but this avoids that trap. Not super hoppy tasting as the focus turns to the malt flavor. Perfect for watching sports without losing yourself before halftime. 

Ranking the three would start with KBR move to LBT and in third CS.