Since I had such a positive reaction to the last Cascade sour that I had, I thought I should highlight another one…

The mix of lime and spice should work well.

Gin Rickey

Three letters is all it took for me to want to drive to the Firestone Walker Propagator to pick up beer. G I N. I love beers that use gin barrels but they are hard to come by and temperamental as tequila barrels can be. But this latest cocktail beer sounds perfect for summer.

Mezcal with Lime

Some barrels are harder to use than others is what I have gleaned from the breweries that I have visited. That is why you rarely see gin or tequila or in the case of Brooklyn Brewery, mezcal. That is such a wild and wooly spirit that many beers would be subsumed by the spirit. But, maybe the addition of lime and salt and the sour Gose touch will create a piece of music.

Featured Review – Paloma-Rita by Toolbox

I have only sampled a couple two or three beers from Toolbox Brewing of San Diego and all have been quite good. Nothing has really wowed me yet. But I feel that the deeper I get into their catalog of sours, that I will soon find one that makes me sit back and ponder. Paloma-Rita pours a deep orange. Fruity almost sour patch kid candy aroma which pulls back into citrus. As I take stock of the flavors I find some wheat in the back just ahead of the smidgen of salt. The stars of the show are the Lime & lemon, which are strong. There is a high acidity and after finishing the bottle while watching some March Madness, I felt that having another beer after would be too much.

Review – Deception from Black Market Brewing

OK.  This beer has both coconut and lime.  On top of the relatively weak base of a blonde ale.  Can Black Market pull this off?


Deception pours a murky orange color. I get more lime than coconut on the aroma and I get more tropical than coconut. The taste is very subdued. Coconut can be overpowering but it is barely hinted at here. I get just at the back before I take the next sip. The lime juice is more prominent but isn’t big on that citric note.

Overall, I found this beer to be too watery to me which I found disappointing. More lime zest and maybe some toasted coconut would improve it to me.