Take your Craft Beer to Market

I have always thought that (especially in Los Angeles) an adult Farmer’s Market in the early evening would be a hit. Have the usual vendors of greens and satsuma’s but throw in a local winery or brewery. Now it looks like Massachusetts is looking into doing it.

This snippet that I found on the interwebs has me hopeful, “The next legislative session hasn’t started yet, but one local official is already brewing a proposal that could help bolster the Bay State’s craft beer industry. State Sen. James Eldridge, D-Acton, plans on filing legislation next year at the State House, that if passed, would allow local beer makers to sell their products at Farmers Markets and agricultural events in Massachusetts.”

Local Associations

A great way to stay involved and up to date in the world of Craft Beer is to follow (either on FaceBook, if that’s still cool, or on internal blogs) the small brewers guilds and associations that look out for the financial and legislative well being of their members.

Since I am LA based that means following the California beer news from The Small Brewers Association of California. Most people just want beer news. Where is the next festival? What new brewery opened? But part of being a dedicated supporter of well made beer is to pitch in your voice at the non-drinking level too.