Sand and Grass

Today, I want to highlight two Oregon beers that conjure up memories for me. First is Short Sands lager from Fort George.

My dad would haul the fam from Portland to the coast to camp at Short Sands. Down a windy path with a wheelbarrow filled with gear and food. Though I outgrew camping and prefer the luxe hotel life now, I do remember that path to the beach and being amongst the trees.

Next is a beer that reminds me of my days on various football pitches in Clackamas county, where I, sadly, did not win any golden boot awards from coaches or Laurelwood Brewing.

Can you handle the truth?

Being a huge Portland Trailblazer fan, I have longed for more Blazer themed beers in Beervana. I mean, come on, one of best players was Terry Porter. Pun happy brewers could have a field day with that.

Well now, we are getting closer, Laurelwood Brewing (home of Deranger and Vinter Varmer) has brewed “Bald Faced Truth Teller Ale” which is the name of both a radio show and a charity helmed by Blazer beat writer John Canzano. The Bald Faced Truth Foundation funds extracurricular activities for kids by offering grants to children who wish to participate in the areas of arts, music, drama, education, athletics and other enriching activities.

Laurelwood Framboise

Does this sound delicious or what?
“What you hold in your hand is a very special beer. Unlike most of the beers we produce- meant to be consumed fresh as possible, our Framboise takes nearly two years to create. This Belgian-style ale starts out like most many beers undergoing a two-week fermentation process. From there, things go radically different. The beer was moved to wooden barrels where we added Oregon raspberries and several types of “wild” yeast and bacteria to give create this unique beer.”

a Cascadian Twist

Laurelwood has a new beer that caught my eye…

Cascadian Kolsch

“A Northwest rendition of a German classic ale. Crisp malty flavor and a clean finish is a nod to the Noble hops with which it is brewed. The heavy handed dry hopping with Citra hops finishes this beer with a Northwest kick. This is the first beer developed and brewed by brewer Nick Phelps. Raise a glass of this treat to celebrate the kick off of fall.”