A Kinetic Expansion

Brewing in northerly Lancaster has taken a huge square foot step forward as Kinetic Brewing Co. in cooperation with the city will expand from their current brewery/restaurant into a production facility + tasting room + outdoor events space. As with all things brewery related, timetables are kinda fluid but look for this to open up in late 2017.
Once online and brewing, Kinetic will be able to quadruple their production in the first year alone and then really go big by year three. But the two key items that stand out to me are the potential for a garden with a hop farm and the addition of a canning line. For the environmentally and drought aware, they will be taking aiming to hit the goal of being nearly footprint neutral with the addition of solar power and water recycling.

Kinetic Brewing Company

Earlier this month, I and craft beer buddy Richard made the trek an hour+ north of Los Angeles to Lancaster to sample beers for the first time from Kinetic Brewing (which has been recently added to the L.A. Beer Blast over on FoodGPS)

The brewpub is located on a newly remodeled and beautifully tree-lined stretch of downtown Lancaster that has electrical outlets by each of the parking spots. With the help of the city they have taken an old car stereo store and completely re-done the site to make a lovely and large gathering spot for beer lovers.

We talked with co-owner and head brewer Steve Kinsey while trying the full Kinetic repertoire. He explained the reason behind the name (it is defined as pertaining to motion) and how it is woven into the logo design, the gears that are in the impressive stone bar and the beer names. We moved on to their Tuesday series where they add a new ingredient (or more) to a beer from the regular line up to show off the creativity of beer. (the basil version of White Thai is a great pizza beer) And we also learned about their bar at the Lancaster JetHawks minor league baseball stadium.

My favorites from the sampler tray were the Potential Blonde kolsch which was a lovely shade of yellow and had a good mix of sparkle with some fruit notes. Their White Thai with lemongrass and kaffir lime hit my palate well and the Fusion porter was a nice coffee way to finish off the visit. And I got an Untappd badge as well!

Once their tap handles gain governmental approval, you will be seeing Kinetic beers in L.A. and not just at the brewery.

Bravery Brewing

As of July 4th, Lancaster (just north of my base in Los Angeles) has 2 breweries!

Joining Kinetic Brewing Company is Bravery Brewing.

The tasting room is open Wednesday through Sunday and in the mold of places like Eagle Rock and The Bruery is BYOF. Or check out the food cart that may be stationed outside.

What caught my eye on a recent perusal of their website’s beer list was a citrus bitter as well as a pineapple wheat beer. Very intriguing for the dry July weather.

A visit to Lancaster is now in the planning stages.