Time for a 2nd

Time doesn’t seem less, seems like more. Yeah, a bit cryptic with the wordplay today but Timeless Pints has the brewery name to allow it + they are celebrating their 2nd Anniversary later this month.

TP is firmly in the re-check category. In my one and only other visit there were hits and misses but that was near the beginning so it may be past time to check them out again.

What Time is it?


Timeless Pints fermented and opened before I even knew about it.  Which I consider a good thing.  It means the craft scene is growing and hard to control.

Started by  homebrewer Chris Sparacio in Lakewood, Timeless Pints now joins Beachwood BBQ and Brewing in the Long Beach area.

More specifically a Lakewood industrial park near the Long Beach Airport. And the names have been crafted like the beers “A Swarm and a Hatter” blonde , The Bear Reader oatmeal stout and the IPA with the moniker of The Expeditious Guest.

The brewery’s taproom is open Thursday through Sunday.  Check their website for more up to date times.