Here is a look at the 2021 Fresh hop beer from Lagunitas

This year Contents Under Fresher features “whole-cone Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe & Sabro hops harvested and rushed from our family of farmer friends in Yakima.”

Goes without saying, find and drink quickly.

Exploding Pun

Lagunitas is always good for a fresh hop beer and for this 2021 One Hitter release, they are harvesting four popular hops for freshness sake. The brewery may not be at the heights they were pre-Heineken but considering how good Waldos was this year, this beer should be quite nice.

Need Speakers

Lagunitas is pitting hops against each other with their Vol. 1 of their Stereohopic series. This round is Nelson Sauvin vs. Mosaic. It is a slight twist on the single hop beers. I think these two hops should be distinguishable from each other which should make it interesting.

Still Sucks

One of the formative beers of my beer drinking life was being so disappointed that a beloved seasonal Brown Shugga was not going to be on shelves. I was not the only one and in response, Lagunitas sent out Sucks. And I loved it. Since then, other IPAs have caught my fancy but I cannot think of a more appropriate time to be drinking one of these than now.

On the Agenda

Two things SoCal’ers don’t often see. Bock beers and Moonlight Brewing. So I would grab a bottle or sixer if you see it but you don’t have to keep it a secret. Light up the social media with some BockLove!

1st Visit – Lagunitas Azusa

I rode the rails to Azusa a few days back to check out the current state of the mega complex that Lagunitas is building since they now have opened up a temporary taproom, to taste their wares in.

Here is my report in photos….

No room for Azusa on the barrel tables.

It’s a bit purple inside.

A bit purple this side too.

Waldo’s was tapped but the bartender quipped that the menu would not be reprinted.

I will talk more about my OK first visit on Food GPS.

Lag Time

Pop-Ups are not just for restaurants and fashion, they can also be for beer as Lagunitas is proving with their Azusa Pop-Up TapRoom which opens April 8th. This will be the temp while the permanent space is being constructed with a hoped for opening date of August this year.

Here are the details….
– TapRoom hours: Wed-Sun 3pm – 9pm
– Live music begins at 4:20 and goes til 7:30-ish
– Local food trucks will provide tasty food until our kitchen in completed

No news on whether brewing is happening yet or is also set to begin later this year.

Born Again

It seems that IPA’s have well defined life cycles now. It starts with an IPA. That IPA then becomes unfiltered. (Case in point, see above). Then the IPA gets draft only special dry hops. Then it gets fruited.

I have been impressed with the Born Yesterday beers that I have had and I can’t wait for Lagunitas to open in Azusa but I fear that blood orange Born Yesterday is coming down the pike.

Scotch One Hitter

The cities listed on the label for the next One Hitter beer from Lagunitas Brewing tell me that the upcoming Azusa location is still down the road…

…but at least we have these new beers to enjoy while adjusting our countdown to new brewery clocks.

(Which seem to be resetting a lot what with all the newbies coming around)