#LABW6 – But this is at the SAME time – Opening Day


I have highlighted my picks in previous posts for all of #LABW6.  Now that Beer Week, LA style is upon us, I will make a suggestion for “where else to go”.  And I don’t mean that in a negative way.  I mean it in the way of looking at the Beer Paper LA guide to LA Beer Week and remarking that, but this event is the SAME time.  I can’t be in two places at once!

So for opening day.  Many will be at the gala in Chinatown but here is another choice…..

El Segundo Pint Night at Crazy Harry’s Bar in Winnetka.  Starting at 5pm, you will have your choice of great ES brews as well as many other local taps.

Yes, more #LABW6 events

LABW6 hashtag
For some reason, the 25th is chock full of events. I have already pointed out two strong choices and yet, there are more!

The Oinkster teams up with Cismontane Brewing for a “Choose your own Adventure” Night with 3 different versions of Holy Jim Falls XPA – 3 different versions of The Citizen California Common and 6 different French fry variants! Think of the flavor combinations!

Or you could head to Plan Check on Fairfax for beer cocktails tailored with the spirits of Ballast Point. You will find the special beers on tap such as
Four Roses Victory
Grapefruit Sculpin IPA
Sour Wench Blackberry Ale
Abandon Ship Smoked Lager

Or, the Culver City outpost of Bottle Rock will be pouring seasonal beers from El Segundo Brewing. Maybe Mellon Collie the Farmer’s Market melon beer will be ready!

Wherever you live or work, there is a killer event nearby.

Who Will Win this Year?

Last year, Angel City Brewery received 270+ ideas for their first What Would You Brew? contest. The winner was one of my favorite beers and it was Mexican Cola inspired!


This year’s winner will be selected in October 2014 and that lucky brewer will have:

A) “opportunity to spend a day in the brew house brewing alongside the Angel City team”

B) “have their beer featured during LA Beer Week 2015

C) receive a custom kegerator, complete with a case of pint glasses, tap handle and tin tacker sign. Ideas can be submitted here: . Entries will be accepted through September 30, 2014.

Emily Finch, and her Mexican Cola beer will make a return in a “rum barrel aged version” at the LA Beer Week Kick Off September 20th at Old Chinatown Plaza, as well as on tap at the Angel City Public House.

#LABW6 – Event Update 2


More events to look for during LABW6….

Starting on September 21st, MacLeod Ale Brewing will be releasing special one off beers and new additions to their line-up so check out which fleeting beer strikes your fancy. The 21st would be my choice with the seasonal Nutty Broon Nut Brown Ale plus a special Session Gap with added Willamette hops.

September 25th, Highland Park Brewing (another new addition this year) will break out two sour beers for sampling.  Lazy Susan Peach and Nectarine will highlight local fruit and the art of tart beers.

On September 29th from 5pm to 10pm, the Glendale Tap will be hosting a block party for Monkish and Smog City.  Expect some rare and fun taps from these two Torrance neighbors.


Coaster as Muse

L.A. Beer Week had it’s “soft” opening before festivities start later this month with the Coaster Show at La Luz de Jesus gallery in Los Feliz.  This is the second year of this show and it is a showcase for weird, sexual, and some downright arresting images on the little circle of coaster space.  I highly suggest making the trip before the 20th when events start arriving at a furious pace.

Here are my top choices from what I saw amidst the crowds last night…..


I like the martini glass theme and the choices for famous faces with them.  Maybe a bit obvious but I think it works as a set.IMG_1622

This is sort of like Magritte meets fractals and nature.  I can’t explain why I like this but I do.  Oddly calming.IMG_1624

This is just a clever idea and I like bears so this makes me laugh on a couple levels.