Cool Beers and Labels for August 2021

It is hard to keep up with all the new beer releases. Sometimes you just have to filter to style or hop or…

…the color green. It is my wife’s favorite color so it now catches my eye as well and these two LA breweries are using it very well. Crac Brewery has a dramatic two tone look for a Tequila barrel-aged Gose with a clever name. Has a blade like look down the middle which accentuates the font.

Brouwerij West has taken their Popfuji pilsner and brand extended it for the Nelson hop. Replacing the Pop yellow with, again, two-tone green. The slight name change with the color swap is a nice way to create a beer series.

Cool Beers and Cool Labels – July 2021

I am going to reverse tack and talk about a label that doesn’t work for me….

Now the color is fine and I like the verticality in the beer name. But that is really about all I like. Since this is a three part hop harmony, the fact that the other two logos are stuck on a small drum space in black and white irks me especially when the main artistic elements take up space and are not what I call my type of art. Also, what is up with that forested mountain? It seems to be in another style of drawing than the musical birds. Maybe just the penguin playing drums with larger logos would not have been as confusing.

Nick of Time

It is not too often that I can celebrate both a label design and a saison but Brouwerij West can make both happen.

Here are the details… “Time Scoop is a classic non-sour saison, brewed with malted barley, raw spelt, Pacifica and Wai-iti hops from New Zealand. It is full of tropical fruit aroma, fresh sea air and a dry finish that will leave you wanting another of these can conditioned gems.”

Fulton Fog

Readers of the blog know that I am an appreciator of fine label design and that I am wary when a brewery creates a a new brand.

Those two worlds collide with this very strange hazy IPA label from Van Nuys Beer Co. (a MacLeod Ales younger sibling).

The shopping cart plus the fog are creepy and then the yellow dots add a layer of modern art meets Brouwerij West to leave an overall eye catching label. I half expect a grocery bag to be pushed by the wind into the frame and then gust away.

Start Designing Young

Every twice in a while, I have to toot the horn for my alma mater.

This time for having a cross disciplinary assignment. Art department meet the Wine Studies and design a wine label. You can read all about the winner right HERE. Readers of the blog know that I love a good design and am equally turned off by bad ones.

And I like this one. Very on point for wine and for classic college, sorry, University.

Cool Labels / Cool Beers – April 2021

We start with Green Cheek who really have a way with beer names. Spinning the Elaborate Yarn is another winner but the font choice echoes yarn shaping and the colors make this predominantly white can really pop. I also like the “A West Coast IPA”. Just adding the A gives it a little flair.

The second cool label is another design win for Brouwerij West….

…another entrant in the growing peanut butter cup beer style if you couldn’t tell from the floating peanuts and chocolate bars.

Beer by Design

One of the good things to come of 2020 is that Pete Brown wrote two books! The second is all about branding. Beer by Design talks about design from the marketing and appreciation angle. That last part is key because you can have an effective design but it I should just a literal flash in the pan. The examples shown in the announcement post alone are really cool to look at. Put this on your Christmas list.

What a View

El Segundo has found a winning design template for their latest Tone Series IPAs. I really liked the green of the softball field on a previous can, and now we are treated to the expanse of sand along with a solitary tower and transport. Many are working with new views from home but this one is a great workplace.

Oh, and the beer inside is…

Style: West Coast IPA (obviously)
Hops- LORAL / Centennial / Idaho 7