There are a lot of collaboration beers out there. I write about many, usually where the beer is not what you expect but in this case it is the partners that you may not have seen coming.

Scotland and Belgium collide with this new beer from La Trappe and BrewDog. May not be one that we see stateside but be on the look out.

Gift Packs

We all have little taster glasses from that cool festival from 2012 or the shaker pint from that tap-takeover but what we sometimes don’t have is the appropriate glassware to best enjoy a beer.  Belgian beers especially benefit from the right glass, and you can now get them for Kwak. Tripel Karmeliet and La Trappe.  If you have beer birthdays to buy for these would be great.  Plus they have beer in there too!untitled

La Trappe Jubilaris XXV Anniversary Ale


One of the Beer Search Party’s altar ego’s, (Emphasis on ego) is as the compiler of the weekly L.A. Beer Blast list for Food GPS. In that capacity, I will run across beer name spellings that will make me chuckle and then I will cringe when I make an error.

Well, this beer from La Trappe may be a contender for the most misspelled beer name this year. But that won’t stop me from trying it.