Featured Review – Fancy Pants Kolsch from Paperback Brewing

Our second beer from Paperback Brewing is Fancy Pants Kolsch.

That is a crazy design for the crowler, though I really do like the sign that doubles as the beer description, that is quite clever. This Germanic beer has a fancy name for a time when most people are wearing shorts. It pours a bright and clear yellow. The taste is crisp with a bit of salty minerality to it. The aroma has a nice corn and grain sweet note to it. Not fizzy but forceful, I just wish it was a little less salty.

Cerveceria del Pueblo – Photos

Pasadena was set to get a new brewery in May, but now Cerveceria del Pueblo is soft opening with to-go sales of their (4) core beers including a variety pack that allows new customers a taster tray of sorts.

I drove the much quieter streets over to their location on Bellevue to pickup some beers but also to take a safe peek into their little but brightly painted space.

The next post will cover capsule reviews of the Kolsch, California Common, Pilsner and Wheat beer but you should check out this L.A. Times piece that talks about the brewery as the opener and closer to the article.


Better than whether the groundhog sees his/her shadow is the day at the Los Angeles Zoo when an animal selects the special ingredients for the Brew at the L.A. Zoo special beer.  This year Charlie, a Linné’s two-toed sloth picked pear and roses for the 2019 beer.

The Brewery at Simmzy’s brewmaster Brian Herbertson will add those two ingredients to the German Kolsch style, which will be named, Slothen Bräu,” According to Herbertson, “This light beer will have bright pear notes and some subtle cherry-like flavors and pair well with a range of pub foods that will be served that evening.” 

You can taste this special beer at the Brew at the Zoo on Friday, August 2, 2019 from 7-11 p.m with VIP Early Access and Lounge from 6-11 p.m.  

Star Maps

You could probably safely, have a blog dedicated just to collaboration beers. I feel that 2018 has set a new mark for duo brews. And here is another with the local Smog City crew heading from Torrance to Hawaii to make Star Maps Kolsch. This Kolsch is brewed with starfruit and rises to a fairly high for the style 6.1% ABV.

I will assume that it will pour at Smog City taprooms and that it will probably still be warm in LA when it comes out.

In the Name of Kolsch

Seattle’s Fremont Brewing (who has been sending a few cans and kegs L.A.’s way of late) will be releasing its Pride Kölsch in celebration of Pride month. The rainbow hued 16-ounce cans will be released in Southern California later in June and early July.

Other than the fact that Kölsch is perfect for an L.A. Summer day proceeds from Pride Kölsch sales will benefit the Trevor Project in Los Angeles.

Per the press release, Pride is “made with 2-Row Pale malt and White Wheat and Huell Melon and Loral hops, Pride Kölsch delivers a crisp, refreshing summer taste with hints of melon, berry, and orange peel. Refreshing and imminently accessible, Pride Kölsch is celebration in a glass.”

Naught but Kolsch

Being a born and bred Portlander (Defend the Rip City Land) while living in Los Angeles gives me a bit of dual perspective. I see breweries and beers and trends in one that could apply in the other and vice-versa.

Since Portland is further along the good beer curve than L.A, it usually means that I am wishing that we can “borrow” ideas from the north.

In that vein, Los Angeles needs to diversify festival wise before the same tired set of festivals repeat in 2018. Why we don’t have a Holiday Beer Fest yet is a mystery. But maybe due to our heat and lack of seasons a different option would be better….

I would love to push a Gose festival or Fruit Beer Festival (both of which PDX has had) but I think a full-on Kolsch Fest would be great. Break out some logo’d Stange glasses and drink a refreshing light beer under the sun.

As they say on MST3K, “what do you think sirs?”


It is time to pit one canned Kolsch vs another.


Who will win when Maui Brewing Kihei Kolsch takes on Flat Tail Tailgater of Corvallis, Oregon.  Both new to L.A. shelves.

Design – hands down win for Maui with the striking Germanic colors over a rendering of their Kihei taproom.  Tailgater has the Orange State of Oregon but little else.

Color – slight edge to Maui.  A little more eye candy lacing than the Flat Tail.

Aroma – Tailgater smells more traditional.  A little too much spice in the Kihei. Edge to Corvallis.

Taste  – Kihei is bright with orange notes and spice character much like an orange pekoe tea. Tailgater is crisp and clean with with just the right touch of viscosity and citrus notes.

Verdict – if you are looking for a clean and crisp Kolsch without bells and whistles than Flat Tail is the choice.  If you are looking for a Kolsch evocative of the islands than the Maui Brewing can is for you.

Home Brew Review – (Maeby) Kolsch

This is a home brew review month bonus. But not from the same home brewer.

So my beer buddy Richard has made a 2nd effort at home brewing. His first an IPA that tasted like a pretty decent ESB set the bar high. And now after streaming seasons of Arrested Development his Maeby Kolsch is ready…
Well. This one needs some work. It pours a muddy orange color when I would expect a bright yellow. There is zero head after some weak soapy bubbles fade. The taste merely hints at Kolsch. It is weak and watery. It is almost like watered down lemonade/ice tea. Little to no aroma here. It isn’t offensive, per se, but it doesn’t scream beer to me. Tastes more like bad citrus tea.

Now what style will he try to brew next?

Session Fest

11 beers. All under 4.5 in alcohol. What does that equal?

A packed crowd at Eagle Rock Brewery.

the first flight

I was lucky enough to snag a stool at the crowded bar thanks to my buddy Johnny who got their before me. The first flight had my two favorites of the day. A Kolsch that was simply amazing and my gold medal winner and the Tarte Noir which was their Solidarity beer aged in wine barrels and soured with lacto. But there was a nice range of styles from a best bitter to saison to light red’s. Plus these were all homebrew, special 5 barrel recipes.

I am hoping that they continue doing these and that some of these end up on the regular menu.