Kessel Run and Parsecs

King Harbor sends a West Coast hopped pilsner our way with Fly Casual.

Here is the brewery description – “It’s been feeling a lot like Jakku recently and this is just what you need to get you through a hot summer day scavenging around the South Bay. This one’s got the strength and hoppiness of a pale ale, but with the clean, crisp and refreshing qualities that comes with a nice Pilsner.”

I would suggest getting a four-pack and not a Solo can.

Coconut – Wheat – Horchata

King Harbor Brewing has a new spin on a Horchata inspired beer, Coco-Chata starts life as a wheat beer.  Here is the explainer from the brewery, “This cerveza was inspired by horchata, that heavenly and sweet rice drink you have with your tacos. It’s loaded with toasted rice, raw and toasted coconut, Madagascar vanilla beans, cinnamon blend and lactose. Each sip gives you balanced notes of cinnamon, sweet vanilla, rice, and coconut on the back end.”

King Postponed

Thanks to the stupid unvaccinated we are still not out of the woods, so it is no surprise that this happened…

But fear not because of these two bits of news from King Harbor Brewing

“First, while the anniversary party may be postponed, our special anniversary beers are not. We’re so stoked to share the brews we’ve been cooking up behind the scenes with some of our friends/collaborators. Keep an eye out for those special releases in the weeks to come!

And secondly, we’ll be offering some “Almost Anniversary” packages that’ll include KHBC merch and a 4-pack of exclusive beers. More details to come, but don’t sleep on these packages cos they’re sure to go quick!”


It has been a bit since I have spoken about King Harbor Brewing but they have a new beer out for us all…Sink Beneath the Surface

“Built with headliners Mosaic and Cashmere plus a nice Citra support. Utilizes a splash OG golden naked oats for a golden orange tint.

Light vanilla and a nice grapefruit jab in the background… A 3lb per barrel dry hopped beer.”

Cookie Collab

King Harbor has started up a bakery collaboration with fellow Redondo Beach business, Isabella’s Cookie Company. They have created “4 beers based on their amazing cookie recipes” and starting tomorrow, September 7th, they will release the beers…

Maui Wowie – Imperial stout w/ macadamia nuts, white chocolate, pineapple, and coconut

The Muffy – Imperial stout w/ white chocolate, blueberry, cacao, and lactose

Red Velvet – Red stout w/ cacao and vanilla bean

Hot Chocolate – Imperial stout w/ cacao and chipotle peppers

Two Tiki’s

You may not think of tiki in regards to Claremont Craft Ales. or jacaranda when it comes to King Harbor. But they know each other and have collaborated on a dueling set of IPA’s.

King Harbor – “Tiki Jac IPA – is our Tiki Hut IPA recipe with a hint Claremont’s Jacaranda Rye IPA. Rye spice malt bill with a big juicy tropical hop layered on top.”

Claremont – “Tiki Hut Dry IPA – is their awesome Mosaic Dry IPA with a hint of our Tiki Hut IPA hop profile. Bone dry west coast style IPA with dank mosaic and tropically fantastic citra sending a roundhouse kick to your pallet.”

If you can find both, would be a good brewing comparison.

You’re Welcome

King Harbor has a new canned offering coming, but it is not hazy or a DIPA, it is smooth sailing…

…which I take to mean, the King Harbor equivalent of a table beer (or in popular sales parlance, the 805).

Perhaps this will take-off and be seen out on the beaches of Hermosa, Manhattan and others in the South Bay.

Swirly is Three

…and (obviously) King Harbor Brewing is too. Starting today, you can buy tickets for their party in Redondo Beach where you will get the following….

-Outdoor beer garden
-Unlimited pours
-20+ beers on tap including specialty one-offs and King Swirly the 3rd
-Live tunes
-The return of the D(r)unk Tank

And if you are a fan of the anniversary “king”ly editions of Swirly then you will be very happy because King Swirly the 3rd will debut.
for 2017 KS is a Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Dark Ale w/ cacao nibs, vanilla beans, cold brew coffee, and lactose.

You will also be able to partake of four Variations – The Original, Hawaiian, Hazelnut, and Double Chocolate.