I have mostly done hard pass when it has come to Kickstarter over the past 1/2 year. Too many gimmicky items or items that had surpassed their funding goal on Day 1.

But, since I love a good label, the 48 Beer Project caught my eye.

If this comes to pass, it will be a great look into the design process.

Kick Off & Kick Start

Indie Brewing Company will be throwing open their doors for a Kickstarter kick-off party which give Angeleno beer lovers the chance to see exactly where they are and learn more about one of the two DTLA breweries without tasting rooms. (Dry River being the other). On Saturday, July 16th from 12pm-7pm, they will be open for anyone to come have a beer, take the nickel tour and imagine what their tasting room will look like in the future.

The important part being that Indie will have our full lineup of beers on sale for tasting.


It can be a big step and investment to get a kegerator or a home craft beer dispensing system.  There are weird bulky tanks that can be filled with Heineken but what about something for the technically challenged beer fan who want something more than just a growler that they have to drink once it is opened.

Well that is where GrowlerWerks could fill a niche.  It is simple to use and can keep beer fresh and cold.  It looks a little too steampunk for me in this iteration but if they are successful you might see other designs down the road.  It seems to have a chord as the Kickstarter is blasting through the roof at over 1,000% funded.  That’s a lot.

Blood, Sweat and Beers documentary

To those who say there aren’t enough “stories” about the people who make the craft beer that we enjoy. I give you an opportunity to change that.

Filmmaker Alexis Irvin has created Blood, Sweat, and Beer. The documentary follows to tracks of brewery building in two very distinct East Coast cities.

You meet the The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company of Braddock, PA. A steel town in the past that is trying to rebuild with new industries and you also meet the owner of a Maryland Boardwalk brewery as he navigates the hot button issue of trademarks.

You will also not need a keen eye to spot all of the California beer folks including Firestone-Walker, Golden Road, Eagle Rock, Beer Paper LA! The Beer Chicks, Sierra Nevada among others.


Move over QR Codes, I have to scan my glass….

Now I don’t think I will use it for games which is what they have now, but I can see where this could lead to information on the brewery, their beers, the bar you are drinking in or the city that you are visiting.

It certainly is a step away from the glassware that always stays cold.




One of the American dreams is to make things as good, just faster.  FASTER! But this brewing product is not from here.  It’s from Germany.

BrewBarrel wants to be the “easiest and fastest way to brew beer at home.” According to the literature (e-mail lit), “you can create your own beer out of over 30,000 varieties and then brew your customized beer at home in only one week.”

They have just started their Kickstarter campaign in order to take Brewbarrel to the US.

Check out the video.  Do you think it would generate more interest in home brewing?  Would it be a good introductory product for home brew shops to market as the step before all-grain brewing?

I do love the orange in the graphic though.

A New Way to Draft


You get a growler of beer and you now know that you are on the clock.  Once it is opened, you better make sure to get it in a glass before it goes flat.  Or you can get a kegerator and buy in bulk.  But then you better like that beer or have frequent parties so that you aren’t stuck with one beer for a month.

But if a new Kickstarter that starts in a little over a week gets funded for the Synek Draft System, then you can get the best of both worlds.

You get a special bag/bladder filled from your local and drop it into a container.  You drop that into a machine that will now dispense your beer.  Growler size with kegerator tech.  My only quibble is that it would be great to be able to re-use the bag instead of having it be one and done.

Check out the site and see if it will fit your needs.

(Maybe version 2.0 will have a randall device attached to it)

Three Weavers Update


The Kickstarter campaign for Three Weavers ends on April 6th. And as you can see from the image above, they are over halfway but could use a push

Now if you are the type that has to “try before you buy” then head to Tony’s Darts Away on either the last day of March or the first day of April and you will catch a Three Weaver beer in tap.

Then you will certainly donate.