Review – Jurata from Coronado & Cigar City

jurata front

Thanks to the kindness of the people at Coronado Brewing and Coronado PR, I got to taste the second of the collaborations between San Diego and Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing.

Jurata is a Baltic-esque / Polish version of the mermaid.  Akin to the one gracing the Coronado labels but in much colder waters than San Diego.

Now I have had a few Cigar City collaborative beers thanks to Congregation Ale House having a special night but this is probably the best of the bunch.  I did not care for the Widmer Gentleman’s Club beers (especially at their price point) and the Tropical Tripel was a mess.

Jurata pours a dark brown with hints of black.  There is tons of lacing as the head recedes.  Smells almost like a milk stout.  Notes of sweet chocolate are first on the scene.  The taste adds a touch of smoke to the equation which tones down that milk chocolate domination and the carbonation really helps in that regard as well.  Hint of cigar in there too.  With a touch less sweetness would be rated even higher.

Later this year, I will be able to compare this against the Eagle Rock Brewing / Maltose Falcons version

jurata back