Imbibing for Introverts

I am certainly and firmly in the introvert category. If a brewery opens at noon, that is when I will show up to avoid the crowds at night, so when I saw this book title, I nodded in agreement…

Imbibing for Introverts seems like a fun and possibly helpful book. Us introverts have a lot of tricks but I bet that author Jeff Cioletti has more tips to help make the drinking experience more fun.

Like A Geek

Jeff Cioletti tries to pair up the geek subculture withe the alcohol industry in his latest book, Drink Like a Geek. This is his 5th book about adult beverages and one that may be the hardest to pull off. Especially if he leads with the fact that he “directed two documentaries about Star Wars Episode I” The book contains cocktail recipes but promises to add more than just being a genre recipe book. I will add it to my library list to preview.

Book Day – Sake-pedia

Considering that there have been slight incursions into mixing Sake and craft beer, it is probably high time to learn more about the Japanese spirit, and Sake-Pedia from Jeff Cioletti looks to be a good place to start.

Cioletti is an International Kikisake-shi, think Cicerone or Sommelier but for Sake, and his goal with the book is to take Sake from misunderstood to enjoyed.