A Podcast & A Beer – The Great James Bond Car Robbery

James Bond is famous for martinis, gadgets and his super classy Aston Martin DB5.

The Great James Bond Car Robbery takes you from 1986, where a film used DB5 sold for $250,000 to a Florida airfield where it went missing in 1997, and still be missing to this day.

The story (I am four episodes in) moves along a bit haphazardly bouncing from back story to side topic to theory and some of the cuts seem odd, I don’t need to have, “she continued” interjected. A pause is fine.

That being said, this is fun and mysterious and it moves along and is perfectly timed for those who want to see the latest Bond, No Time to Die.

I don’t know who the beer sponsor for Bond25 is but we will skip past whichever large company bought their way into product placement and instead set a challenge to drink beers from breweries that are older than 25 years. Bell’s maybe Alaskan or Deschutes. Or maybe globe trot like Bond to many locales. I am sure you can find an old Belgian or German brewery.

FoodGPS Teaser – DieN’Isis

There is a bit of a movies and TV theme on tomorrow’s FoodGPS post. But trust me, it all comes back around to beer in the end. There may be exotic locales with a green bottled beer of ill repute. A serpent chasing it’s own tail in search of a brown ale and then there are zombies too……