Hops not Hoops


Attention Bracketologists! Get ready to hop it up on the way to IPA Final Four. If you love IPA’s like I do then this is a fun diversion to check on inbetween college basketball games. Check out the rules and how you can play along HERE

IPA + Indian food

I have not seen this idea before (doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done) but it is brilliant!
If you are in the most NW part of Oregon then you should try it.

Indian Food and IPAs
Reservations are required. $55 will buy you five courses of food with beer to match each course; this price includes gratuity. A $5 discount per person will apply when you buy 2 or more tickets. Stop in or Call 503-325-PINT to make your reservation today!

Wed Jan 13 6pm – 9pm Pacific Time
1483 Duane Street, Astoria, OR 97103


50 from 50 – Oregon

Fitting that I knocked off my adopted state of California and now my home state of Oregon. Widmer has been a major player in Oregon and for those who only think wheat beer with lemon wedges then you do not know Widmer. How about a cherry oak dopplebock? Citra hops? or their W series like this years model the Pitch Black IPA?
w10 PB IPA