A Podcast & A Beer – David Tennant Does a Podcast With…

This choice should not come as a shock to those who read the blog and have caught on to my Whovian tendencies. Normally, I am not a big fan of the simple interview podcast. I prefer strange characters or plot twists or just straight up beer talk.

But I tell you, the way that David Tennant speaks is just great. Such a strong accent but you understand every word and so far, he has been interviewing actors that he has ties with so it is all very informal shop talk. Behind the scenes stuff, actory tidbits and a little, “how I became an actor” backstory.

I would try to pair beers with the guests. Perhaps a golden ale from England for Olivia Colman. Maybe a Tardis blue, blueberry accented sour for Jodie Whittaker. For John Hamm’s episode maybe a Mad Men inspired bourbon-barrel aged stout.

Or you could just hit the nail on the head and have a Tennant’s lager.