Help Anna (and her cider)

One of the casualties of the Thomas fire was an upstart cidery, Anna’s Cider in Upper Ojai.

The family-owned business was (and hopefully will be again) the first and only cider company in Ventura County. They were crafting hard cider from locally-farmed, organic apples. The cider was made using “winemaking techniques to preserve clean, delicate apple aromatics and flavors in a dry style.”

They are determined to rebuild what had just started in November and have launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds and support.

Here are the details: “We are featuring a perk in which contributors of $30 or more get the option to have a sketch of their face on our next round of labels (see below for link to our campaign and more details). We are hoping to raise enough to open a taproom and cider facility in the historic downtown of Santa Paula, California.”

Reel Brew Co.

The crowdfunding bloom may be off the rose but you should still take the time to evaluate each offer on it’s own merits instead of due to one’s overall feelings toward Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.

So check out this new brewery concept for Reel Brew:

In the end run, it is the quality of the beer that matters but this idea does fill a specific niche that may well take off. If that is your feeling then check out more, right HERE.

Ghost Breweries

Yes, I am a fan of brewery history. Even the 30+ year history of the current craft beer revolution is fascinating.

And this project talks history. Including Olympia that I just posted about. And it not only talks about the last but the future as well which is almost as important.

A Beer out on the Patio

Two weeks ago, I gave you the details on the expanded and improved Beer Belly One Night Stands for 2013.

Now more news from the Koreatown craft beer haven:
“We want to provide a venue for our community to enjoy craft beer and food in the type of weather that can only be found in Southern California. Uses for the patio are endless… summer events, weekend brunches, and warm summer dinners! Our business has grown, and the extra space is what we need to be able to comfortably accommodate as many people as possible.”

All you have to do is follow this LINK, and help grow our beer community in Los Angeles one patio larger than it is now.

There are different perks for different dollar amounts but the bargain is for a $60 investment, you can be one of a very small group that gets an epic beer night at Beer Belly. And you know that Jimmy will have beers that match the word EPIC