Featured Review(s) – Claremont Craft Ales

For August, I have grabbed a variety of beers to review that are adjacent to Los Angeles and we start with Claremont Craft Ales and two of their canned offerings….
First up is Baseline which began it’s journey as the 2nd Anniversary beer and is now, as the can explains, “part crisp blonde ale and part over-the-top Double IPA”.  With lemon peel.

It certainly has a hop kick and the lemon peel weaves in and out as you sip the beer.  After I poured the beer, I looked at the ABV and noticed that it certainly is imperial at twice the percentage of the Hoppy Wheat Ale. As the beer warms up, the lemon becomes a bit more pronounced in the aroma with almost a candied note to it.  There is a bit of viscosity off this beer as well.  That combination makes this beer stickier and slower to drink.  Probably best as a taster as opposed to a full glass.

Next up is Indian Hill part of the weird nomenclature that makes this sorta / kinda a Session IPA or XPA.  How will it compare to the recent Citra Bend from Golden Road that is also in the WHA category?

The focus here is squarely on the Wheat.  It starts behind a citrusy aroma and hoppiness but then the grain just takes over the palate which is the opposite of what most in this group are like.  There are also some orange notes in the back as well.  Despite the lightness of this beer it doesn’t fall into the watery trap that can be the downfall of the session beer.

Both beers are interesting and well above average and I certainly hope a steady supply will be in stores.

Sean Suggests for July 2015

Trying to keep things a little light without being too one-sided in beer styles. The other, more noticeable theme is, breweries a good day trip distant from L.A.

Claremont Craft Ales/ Indian Hill 4.0% ABV
Indian Hill is our version of a Session IPA: bursting with hop flavor, but restrained in alcohol. We aggressively hop this one with huge amounts of citra, while the addition of wheat keeps this beer crisp and easy-drinking – perfect for your adventures to the beach or the mountains

Pure Order Brewing/ Red Eye Wheat 4.85% ABV
“The inspiration for this beer is derived from the old Dunkelweizen style of South Germany. It is a red wheat beer with slight caramel and raisin tones. While a traditionally bitter beer, the Pure Order brewing team’s western influence has made it a perfect brew for the warm Santa Barbara sun. Contrary to what you may think, the name Red Eye Wheat is a reference to the flight you might take to the German home of this beer’s style rather than the state of your eyes after a couple Pure Order cold ones. The label itself is a tribute to the famously convenient and uniquely styled Santa Barbara Airport.”

Bravery Brewing/ Old Rat 9.0% ABV
“An old rat is a brave rat. This is an English style old ale, with flavors of chocolate maltiness,toffee, and subtle dark fruit. ”