Modern (hop) Art

Hop cones have been the subject of many pieces of art not just on labels but as art, art as well.  Need proof? Well then look right HERE.

I am not going to add an image to force you to click the link.

Review – 26th Anniversary Imperial IPA from Stone Brewing

Stone released their first anniversary beer under Sapporo and surprise, it is an Imperial IPA.

This triple dry hopped imperial IPA pours a surprising dark orange color. It is a shade under 10% ABV so it is quite a big beer with a very creamy malty mouthfeel to it. The hops coat the mouth with each sip. To start I get berry notes but that moves to a more lemon lime flavor as it warms up. Stone has a few hop tricks for what some might think is just another big IPA.


The more farm information on labels the better in my mind.  And better yet to put it on the front with logos instead of tucked into small font wording on the back.  

Radiant Beer Co.  gives the shout out to Loftus Ranches as well as Yakima Chief for Every Hero Needs an Origin Story.  

Starting with Idaho 7 and “supporting hops of Citra, Loral, and Simcoe make this a tremendously rich flavored experiment in hops. It’s crystal clear, with prominent aromatics of fresh pineapple juice, ripe cantaloupe, tangerine, papaya, and citrus zest, also showcased in its flavor as ripe tropical fruit, kaffir lime, and a wisp of pine. The finished bee is a zesty one, that’s dry, balanced, and easy to drink, with medium bitterness and bright carbonation.”

Out There

Ambitious Ales has a new can drop with what they are labeling a Cosmic Hazy IPA called Dream Tea.

Here is their description…

⁣”We took our standard hazy base and supercharged it with Phantasm derived from New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc grapes in the whirlpool along with Citra Icognito and dry hopped with Mosaic Spectrum…

⁣”Fermented with a hyper-thiol driving yeast strain designed to unlock some of the most intense fruity characters we’ve experienced in any fermentation to date! Dream Tea has a nice medium body with low bitterness and packed with huge notes of Fruit Gushers, Fresh Mango and Lychee while finishing with a touch of hoppy resin.”

Hops Illustrated

Hope get another close up with Dan DiSorbo’s upcoming book, The Book of Hops.

Here is the dust jacket blurb…

“Hops are the most important ingredient in the beer we love, offering a spectrum of distinct aromas, flavors, and bitterness. Whether it’s a floral Cascade, spicy Saaz, juicy Citra, or a combination of different varieties, hop character has become the driving force behind craft brewing. The Book of Hops profiles fifty of the most sought-after hops from around the world, with intricate photography and notes on taste, composition, use, and origin, plus examples of the wonderful beers that showcase them. 

With contributions from today’s most important brewers and growers; a handy primer that breaks down the science, story, andproduction of beer; and hand-picked craft beer recommendations throughout, this fully illustrated guidebook is all you need to discover and fully savor your next favorite brew.”

Acres and Acres

Just a little advance hop intel…

Acreage up significantly: Strata 30%, Eureka! 28%, Azacca 19%, Chinook 18%, Cashmere 12%, Simcoe 11.5%, Amarillo 11%.

But the big movers of Citra and Mosaic are (only) growing  at  1% each. Though they still are the two most popular hop varieties in the U.S.

Next time you glance at hops used on your next IPA, which will you see?

Heat Holders

I have improved (not by much) my heat tolerance but the “hopp sauces” from Alchemy Peppers are probably out of my reach since they range from 3,000 to 45,000 SHU.

But for those that like the combo of hops and peppers, here are your options…

  • Fresno Peppers + Simcoe Hops – The original hot sauce magically mixes Fresno and red bell peppers, strawberry puree, earthy Simcoe hops, and a touch of garlic.
  • Jalapeno Peppers + Citra Hops – Born from a bewitching blend of zesty Jalapeño peppers, juicy Citra hops, and a dash of lime, this is the brand’s most temperate hot sauce.
  • Scotch Bonnet + Mosaic Hops – The hottest of the lineup, this sauce is hatched from a heavenly harmony of yellow bell peppers, fiery Scotch Bonnet peppers, fruity Mosaic hops, and a slice of pineapple.


Mitch Steele wrote the book on IPA and brewed it at both Stone and now New Realm and now he is back to blogging…

Hoptripper contains (under the New Realm website) his new writing and his archive too. I will be checking back on it to see what Steele is thinking about these days.

Bittered Sling

Each alcoholic beverage has its own rabbit holes that you can plunge into. What if you combined two of them together?

The world of cocktail bitters and the aromas of hops maybe…

That is what the Canadian company the Bittered Sling has done with one of their aromatic bitters…

Hop Class

For the 2nd year in a row,  Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) is taking their Hop & Brew School virtual. It is a five-day event taking place in cyberspace from August 30th through September 3rd.

I listened in on many presentations last year and learned quite a bit but lets have the press release convince you…

“For nearly two decades, YCH has hosted this comprehensive hop harvest experience for the brewing community complete with a behind-the-scenes look at the hop industry as well as educational seminars. Now in its 18th year, Hop & Brew School® is considered to be a highly regarded event among craft brewers and one of the most in-depth hop education programs in the industry.

Due to COVID-19, YCH will be holding this event in a virtual format for a second year, as safety remains their first priority. This year’s schedule features sessions surrounding new discoveries in advanced hop research, hop application best practices, hop sensory training, a deep dive into the beyond beer beverage category and homebrew tips. Participants will also receive an inside look at organic hop growing and experimental hop development. Speakers include both hop industry experts and veteran brewers.”