Virtual Hop Picking

Yup, every damn thing I see going to have the word “virtual” in front of it. But, this virtual harvest is making me look forward to September. Check out the SCHEDULE and you will see som technical stuff but they are going g to name a new hop and other fun stuff too. If you are a hop fan, this will make you bitter in a good way.


File this away for when Russian River really gets their new, bigger Windsor brewery humming and maybe more beer heads to us in SoCal.

Not only will you probably get a really good IPA, but you will be learning some agricultural history….

Lucky Labrador Mutt IPA

I love quirky ideas that grow big, and one of these is the dog friendly Lucky Labrador.

They have taken it a step further by having a IPA made with a bunch of different hop varietals and calling it MUTT. Brilliant in my book. They grow hops at a couple (maybe more now) of their locations and get more from friends of the brewery and it becomes this communal hop pickin’ party that ends up in a brilliant IPA a few months after.