One Farm

Once upon a time there was the single hop beer, then there was the SMASH beer. Single malt, single hop. Now, dialing it in further is the single hop, single farm IPA. Block 15 in Corvallis, Oregon (Go Beav’s) is putting the hop farm name right on the label. Other beers have done single farm IPA’s but the farm info is in the press release and not on the can.

Having that farm name is a great way to show the agriculture behind the beer.

Top O’ the Wire

Oregon already has an artisan malt house constructing a tasting room and not Crosby Hop Farm is going that route to this summer.  They are working on the TopWire Hop Project, a beer garden on the grounds of the Crosby Hop Farm, “an independent, fifth-generation hop grower, merchant and processor nestled in Oregon’s heralded Willamette Valley.”

The beer garden is “constructed out of a large shipping container” and there will be rotating craft beers, tours of the farm and IPA’s to spare. If only they had a small hotel on site, then I would be set.

Down on the hop farm

When you think of Rogue Ales, I want you to think lodging too.

That’s right. You can stay at their B&B in coastal Oregon or at their micro-hop farm in Independence, Oregon. And all for pretty cheap.

Here is the address:
Chatoe Rogue Micro Hopyard, 3590 Wigrich Road, Independence, Ore.; 503-347-8288
For more information follow this LINK to their website
Double rooms at the house on this hops farm start at $90 per night.

Saraveza and Hop Shake

I saw this on the Saraveza newsletter…
On a recent trip to the Annen Brother’s Hop Farm, Saraveza beertender, Jonathan Carmean, picked up some hop shake to spice up your suds. Next time you’re in at Saraveza, ask your beertender to top off your pint with some Hop Kief.

From what I understand, this is a powder that you add to your beer. Sounds intriguing.