Bob Kunz and the team at Highland Park Brewery can IPA with the best but you should seek out their pilsners. The latest in cans is RoboPils which the brewery describes as a “5.8% ABV very hoppy Pilsner hopped with a huge amount of Strata & Citra hops. The combo of those hops will give off big aromas & flavors of grapefruit, passionfruit, & lots of floral notes.” You can get cans for $17 per four pack.

Coming this year…

There are some new breweries coming to the L.A. area in 2018 headlined (IMHO) by the Chinatown brewery / taproom of Highland Park Brewery.

But there are more in the pipeline that I will be visiting and reviewing, such as….

…and these are just a sample. There might be more in places as far flung as Pasadena, two new ones in Monrovia, literally right next to each other. One in Burbank, at least one in Long Beach.