Ten Year Lager

If you haven’t been to the original Highland Park Brewery, here is a reason to head to…

“Our pals at The Hermosillo have been with HPB since day 1, literally! We started off brewing (& still brew) in a tiny space in the back of their spot on York. We’re so excited about their 10th anniversary & so excited to share Hermosillo Lager with y’all!

Hermosillo Lager is a 5.2%ABV lager made in collaboration with The Hermosillo to celebrate their 10th anniversary! Ross & Michael asked for something crisp & hoppy with a focus on more Noble hops, including HopHead Farms Zuper Saazer.”

Review – HPB & Cellarmaker

The event that I was looking forward to the most was the collaboration + tap take-over between Cellarmaker Brewing and L.A.’s own Highland Park Brewery.
With the focus being on the Brett IPA that they created together with the awesome name of Sharing Sandwiches. And though that beer was fine, it suffered from the where is the IPA syndrome that I have found in this sub-style. The Brett just takes over and leaves it’s indelible mark.

But the other three beers from San Francisco were all really good in different ways. Mocha & Cigarettes didn’t have much in the way of smoke that I could detect but what I did taste was a lovely milk chocolate porter. Really smooth with a touch of vanilla.

Mo’ Passion boasting Mosaic, Southern Passion and Zeus hops was also a really good hop offering. Bright and fruity on the nose with a bitterness that shined.

My favorite though was the Typo Pills. Probably not for purists of pilsners because this had a hop hit to it that brought out some Sweet Tart notes to me. But I really liked that combo. It was crisp and delightful.

Those beers alone would have justified the packed house.

#LABW6 – But this is at the SAME time – Thursday the 25th


Your daily “alternate” L.A. Beer Week event source is right here. Do you know how in the World Cup, there is the so-called, “Group of Death”.  The group with the four toughest teams in the tournament.  Well, that is what the 25th is for L.A. Beer Week.  Way too many good things to choose from. So, today, you get two suggestions for where to go!

First up is a special Ballast Point night at Plan Check on Fairfax.  They have great food and you will get to try not only BP beers but their spirits and cocktails made with those spirits.

Or you could get tart and try two new sours from Highland Park Brewery.  One with peaches and one with nectarines! Then see what else the Hermosillo has on tap!


Highland Park Brewery

Others have beat me to reviewing the beers from Highland Park Brewery that have trickled out so far, but I will add my two cents here on my reaction to their beers……


Refresh – They call it a house beer. No style mentioned. A basic lightly hopped beer with a little vegetal bitterness. Light yellow green colorin the darkness of the Hermosillo. Will be a base for other beers like…..

Lapsang – Smokey tea comes out stronger as you sip. Quite crisp. Not overpowering on the smoke, you can taste the tea underneath.

Vacation – Big grapefruit taste here mixed with Belgian notes. A base beer that HPB will use to create variations like….

Staycation. Sage on the nose and a strong taste of grapefruit juice. Seems a bit over the top. Dialing back the sage and juice would balance this beer.

Yowza Sour – Tart opening to this sour. I get a leathery cherry set of notes. A bit of spice lingers in the background but this is a pucker inducing beer.

Arroyo Sour – Pie cherry from beginning to end. Not grab you and make you flinch tart but good. There is a brief wheat ending which is surprising and good.

Hello LA. – Solid IPA. Good bitterness. Some citrus. Floral notes. This is a tough category to get into at this stage of the game. Not a bad hop bomb but I would have liked to seen something as exotic as their other beers.

Double dry hopped Hello LA. – Drying cotton mouth sensation at the back of this IPA. Bitterness is solid and the DDH had a better initial taste but overall, I would go with the regular.

Wake-Up. Great aroma almost an iced coffee. Really good. This beer really showcases the coffee.

Wake-Up at Michaels – I was really unsure how this would work but it does. The lavender isn’t at potpourri levels so the aroma is awesome. But the coffee comes through in the flavor.

Coco Noche – Too sweet coconut explosion. Coconut is hard to add to beer without getting sticky sweet.

Koko B. Ware – Scared to try since I have had a couple spice bombs lately. This one is fine though for fans of heat.


A Woodshop in Highland Park


If you are a fan of bottle shares, (more and more are popping up around L.A.) then you need to head to buy a ticket for the

Here is the information on the 8th Annual Woodshop Tasting

It “will take place on Saturday, October 26th, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM as an indoor-outdoor event at The Hermosillo Club in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles..”

For $40 per person, you get “unlimited draft beer pours, lunch, specialty beer-and-food pairings during the event, 1 commemorative custom logo beer snifter, and access to the massive bottle-share that takes place throughout the day.  As always, we encourage all guests to bring a bottle or few (or more) of the best beers from your cellar to share with any and all in attendance.  We like to think of this tasting as a community-building event and the perfect occasion to sample those special bottles you’ve been saving for just the right moment.  Share with friends and make new friends in the free-flowing celebration of craft beer.”

(Personally this next bit would be worth $40)

The specialty draft beer list on tap for this event will feature around 15-20 different beers in unlimited pours, including these world premieres and highlights:

– Highland Park Brewery Stonefruit Berliner Weisse – Berliner Weisse with Peaches and Nectarines

– Hoparazzi La Tarte Raspberry – Sour Ale with Raspberries

– Noble Ale Works Fig Poppa – Brandy barrel-aged American Strong Ale with dried figs and Brett Brux

– Almanac Dogpatch Sour – Wine barrel-aged Flanders Red with Rainier cherries, wild yeast, and souring bugs

– Firestone Walker Stickee Monkee – Barrel-aged English Barley Wine, part of their Anniversary blend

– The Bruery Grey Monday – Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout (Black Tuesday) with

1 Tried – Hermosillo

I finally got around to grabbing a beer at the newHermosillo in Highland Park.

It is located in the gentrifying Highland Park boulevard of York. Where you can also imbibe at Maximilliano and the York on York. It is a nice and well lit place with a large and pretty dark wood bar that takes up most of the space.

I like the outward street view stools and the old school banquette seating and most importantly, the 12 tap beer list is pretty solid with Eagle Rock, Green Flash and Port (I had the 6th anniversary DIPA) pouring. And in a cool touch the list is beamed onto the wall via the overhead projector making for a cool twist on the beer list.