Review – Hibiscus Tripel from Hardywood Park

It’s not often that you find Hardywood Park beer in a Trader Joe’s in California.

Gotta say that I like the new direction from the grocery retailer though. They still have Uinta doing the Mission beers and Anheuser Golden Busch Road supplying the Tap 79 beers with little to no transparency but they are starting to do beers that are co-branded. Possibly realizing that the combined strength of two breweries is better than some store brand.

That is all prelude to the review pledged in the title. This Tripel is the rare Hibiscus beer that isn’t bright pink. The hibiscus is there and not meekly either, but the beer is orange and showcases the tripel just as evenly. This is quite a silky beer. Almost vanilla notes under the spice note. If someone picks this bottle out just seeing the Trader Joe’s flowers and name, they will be surprised by the full flavor that Hardywood has provided.