The Prestige

It can be easy to just forget all but are local breweries with so much choices available. Happens to me all the time which I how I missed two beers from Gulden Draak that look mighty special. Under the Cuvée Prestige moniker they have a straight bourbon barrel-aged beer and they also have a Laphroaig barrel-aged version. I found you spot them, you might want to grab for a special occasion.

Belgian Nitro

So Guinness is big on Nitro, so is Sam Adams and other American breweries, but how about taking a solid Belgian beer and giving it the nitro boost?

Gulden Draak Nitro is coming to our shores on draft only, making the beer, in their words, “richer and creamier than previously possible.” What they call a dark tripel just might be a great candidate for the different dispense. Latching onto the dark malts could bring out a new side to the beer.