Saint Denny of the Home Brew

Two good things about this new beer from Portland’s Ground Breaker:

1. It’s a Dubbel and not some trend chasing beer.
2. It honors one of the current home brewing celebs around today, Denny Conn

Now we need someone in Los Angeles to brew a Drew Beechum beer that goes onto shelves and isn’t just a small draft offering (though that is cool, just not as cool).

Cold Brew and Gluten Free

I have always wondered why gluten free beers didn’t you an overabundance of hops or other strong flavors when crafting their beers. It seems to me to be the way to bridge the regular beer drinker to their ales and lagers.

Someone heard me or, more likely, Ground Breaker Brewing decided that the coffee culture of Portland would be well to be represented in their line-up of beers.

Hopefully, I see this one in my local beer shoppe. Will be quite interested to see how it tastes.