Featured Review – Spritz This! from the Bruery

We go from passion fruit to grapes with Spritz This! from The Bruery.

This sparkling golden ale pours a dark purple with lovely mauve bubbles. You can’t see much in the way of carbonation through the dark color in the glass. Slight tartness followed by a really nice grain flavor that leads to a final touch of grape notes.  I know a touch about Pinot Noir grapes but nada about Alicante so I can’t fully say if the grapes are expressing in tandem or one has the lead but it is the malt that is the lead here for me, it is the brightest flavor. 

Prettiest Beer of the Year?

I would vote for Colour Orange from Homage Brewing

And I might also vote it for best beer description as well, ” Ale Conditioned in Oak w/ Sauvignon Blanc Grape Must 8% ABV. We received a thousand pounds of Sauvignon Blanc grapes from Paso Robles, Central California. We pressed them and did a skin contact partial fermentation with the grapes for 10 days, spontaneously fermenting the juice using only native wild yeast from the grape skins. We then blended our aged hopped Saison base from hand picked barrels and allowed our house wild yeast to continue the fermentation until completion. This ale has notes of breezy citrus, fleshy apricot, and is intensely floral with aromas of rustic aged hops. Each component of this liquid art balances flavors harmoniously, with a lively carbonation. The wild yeast lays foundation for added depth, nuance, and complexity. Our goal was to create a Saison that blends influences from Orange wine (skin fermented white wine) and Lambic Beer, with the intent of making a true Homage style Saison. Restrained acidity, rustic funk, and bright fruit characteristics.”


I have been remiss in mentioning Dogfish Head beers of late. But an opportunity to rectify the situation has arisen with a new beer/wine hybrid named Mixed Media.

This new beer from Calagione et al is made up of 51% beer grain, and 49% from Viognier grape must from Alexandria Nicole Cellars.

Sounds like a great middle beverage in a tasting of both beer and wine.

Review – Proximity from Blue Moon

I saw Proximity made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes and the red wine version, Impulse in the Burbank Bevmo and I took a flyer. Thought, “Why not?”. Blue Moon is so much better than Coors.

Well, I will not be buying Impulse for one thing. Even though it got a slightly better bad rating than the Proximity did. Plus, the names are horrible. They don’t differentiate the grape varietal or beer. They add nothing.
Which is, unfortunately, like the beer. It pours a light yellow with lots of tiny bubbles. No head at all here. Aroma is primarily grape juice or really young wine. The carbonation is good but then this white grape juice flavor takes over and does not let go. Not getting much beer here. Maybe a heartier style like a Tripel would have held its own against the sweet juice.
This is in Bartles & Jaymes territory here. One could also call it an alcopop considering how grape juice forward it is. This has to be filed under failed experiment.