Hops in the Bottle

Amidst the detritus on FaceBook, you sometimes run across images that make you look twice or, in this case, three times.  This image is one of those….


The Grand Canyon Hop Bomber IPA has a little plastic container with hops in it.  Marinating in the bottle.  The brewery calls it a flavor bomb and it is filled with cones of Cascade.  How this would effect the beer probably depends on how long it has been stewing.  Should it be opened as early as IPA’s normally should?  Or can it be aged a bit longer.

Maybe one day, I will try one and find out!

The Grand Canyon is Expanding


OK, that was worded a little too vaguely, but beer lovers probably read between the lines and made the deductive leaps. Grand Canyon Brewing in Williams (which is near the large and popular Arizona National park will be moving into a new and expanded brewing facility so they can brew more beer. The brewery will increase its brewing capacity from (currently) 6,000 barrels a year to a whopping 40,000 once operations are fully ramped up.

Maybe they will have enough to send to California so I could conceivably take Grand Canyon beer to Yosemite.