Review – Juiced by HenHouse Brewing

I have been staying away from sours for a bit. 16oz of acid can wreak havoc on a stomach. But I was intrigued by the Carmen Miranda hen on the can of Juiced from HenHouse so I put it in my cart.

The duo of Kiwi and strawberry seemed good for an unseasonably hot SoCal day. It is quite tart up front. More in the Americanized style since the salt and wheat don’t really feature. This is designed for fruit. And I mostly taste? Lime. There is a tiny bit of berry sweetness tucked inside but not a lot. As you drink more and if you pay close attention, the kiwi and strawberry are there but you do have to look for it.

Gose by the Book

A beer with salt? Yup, and it has a crazy timeline in beer history and now Fal Allen who is reinvigorating the style at Anderson Valley Brewing has written the book on the style and will be leading readers from “Goslar through Halberstadt, Leipzig, across the pond to America, and around the world.” The title? Gose.

I will be looking for this book to fill in the gaps of my education of the beer and the history of this lightly sour wheat beer style. And to see what insight Allen has as to where it might go in the future.


Tomorrow marks the latest Daytrip series release of Salvation Mountain, a gose with prickly pear, at Eagle Rock Brewery.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain, an official “national treasure” here in California.

Review – Magnificent Voices from Three Weavers

For the first review of May, we crack open the collaborative Gose from Three Weavers, Magnificent Voices.

Pours a luminous yellow. Slight tart at the start. Fades to a really Wheat toast finish. Lemon is subdued but peeks out at the end. Himalayan salt is not strong either but adds a tertiary flavor. I really like the snap at the beginning.

Despite the lightness of lemon and salt, this is a fine gose. Not as encumbered as other American versions that insinuate fruit into every beer style. Barring a spate of excellent beers in the second half of the year. This will probably be in my top 10 of 2017.

Gose Caramel

It sounded crazy, at first, when I heard Jon Carpenter of Angel City (& Alchemy & Science) talk of a Salted Caramel Gose. Now that American brewers have gotten their hands on the style the traditional elements of a gose, with its mixture of salty-sour ale + coriander are almost forgotten.

But Salted caramel does hold some similarities so this latest version that the brewery says is “balancing infusions of caramel and a touch of vanilla” could work. This unique beer is made with wheat and EuroPils and caramel malts, Hallertauer hops, vanilla, sea salt, caramel and lactose, and has 10 IBUs and an ABV of 4.3%.”
It is the lactose that could be the key to this beer.

If it imparts enough cream notes to work with the coriander and salt but not too much as to fight the tartness, this crazy beer just might work.


Grab the Jurassic World DVD (wow, just dated myself). Stream the Jurassic World movie and grab this Gose collaboration between The Bruery Terreux, The Libertine and Field Recordings Wine.

The hip salt and coriander beer has been aged in port wine barrels with Chenin Blanc grapes. Will it remain Gose enough or be overwhelmed by the other two components and more importantly, why do I still not like their label art?

Style + Fruit

Hurray! Finally grapefruit in a beer other than IPA!
If I can sneak in a 2nd visit to Ecliptic, I will really want to see how this works out. I always think of grapefruit the way my Mom made it for me, sprinkled with brown sugar and not paired with the salt of a Gose.

Gose Taste-off – Otra Vez vs. Briney Melon

Taste off time! Two Goses go into the ring and only one comes out the winner.

In one corner, we have the Briney Melon from Anderson Valley Brewing v. the other time from Sierra Nevada.
Otra Vez
Pours a pretty a bubbly light yellow but then darkens to a big of a urine color. This has a tang to it right off the bat as the salt and citrus hit the palate. Quite spritzy.  Grain taste tucked away shows up at the end. Which is where the prickly pear also shows up along with more grapefruit. All the ingredients listed make a distinct appearance.

Briney Melon
Jolly Rancher here and in full effect. The aroma is a bit off putting but there is watermelon in there. Really more tart than OV with less salt that might have balanced this out. The watermelon is quite fake tasting to me and the taste really sticks to the roof of the mouth.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 6.51.31 PM

The clear winner is the Sierra Nevada.  It shows off each ingredient without lessening the impact of the other while still being close to the base style as well.

Review – Fruitlands from Modern Times


On the label, Modern Times has three descriptors for their beer.  I would make the following change.  Cherry – Cherry – Tart.  Not quite sour and the Gose part is well buried under an avalanche of cherry.  You would think that I didn’t like the beer.  But I do.  This is a fun fruit beer for cherry lovers which I am one.

The beer is a serious pink/rose color.  The aroma is all about the fruit as is the taste. Let me get a little more detailed.  This is pie cherry.  The kind with that touch of spice to it.  Nutmeg and cinnamon to be more precise. As the beer warms, an almost pie crust taste can be detected at the back.  It may be denting an even bigger cherry taste but it is not hindering it much.

So, the question is, do you like cherries?  If the answer is yes, then buy it.