As a born and raised Portlander and a Gin fan, this new milestone release from Ecliptic Brewing is doubly up my alley.

This is Batch 5000 and it will be a golden BarleyWine ale aged in Old Tom Gin barrels and will reach 13% ABV. Maybe we will see this in L.A.

Gin & Fernet

I have never heard of a cocktail called the Manky Panky but if you say gin barrel, I will come a running. Add Fernet barrels and now I am all in. I wonder how the three powerful fruits will combine with that barrel power that the Bruery is harnessing.

Gin & Pepper

Leave it to me to find any slight mention of gin barrels and beer and bring it to your attention. Part of the Wooden it Be Nice series from Dogfish Head with wild + peppercorn + gin. Hopefully these beers will make it west to try.

In Flux

The annual release of Fluxus from Allagash Brewing had sorta fallen off the radar with the influx of new beers from outside the state but an added ingredient and different barrel-aging has it back on the to-buy list when I see it on shelves. (which should be any day now.)

The 2016 version is a saison that is “brewed with a plethora of Allagash base malt, including barley, rye, and wheat. After a heathy dosing of Noble hops, and ginger root, the beer was then partially aged in gin barrels. The barrels previously held Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin, made by Caledonia Spirits in Hardwick, Vermont.”

There are not enough gin and tequila aged beers out there and even less that start with a Saison. The question is how strong will that ginger be?

Once Only

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 6.30.10 PM
Can the three strong flavors of gin, grapefruit and a Belgian tripel live together? And how strange is the English language that comes up with a phrase like Hapax Legomenon?

Last question, who mentioned it to Cigar City Brewing so that it could be used for such a strange beer?