This month, i gave a lukewarm review of one German tinged restaurant only to find out that there is another down in Long Beach and from a quick perusal of their tap and bottle list, it seems a little better.

I saw the following strong choices:
Kloster Andechs Dunkelweizen
Brouwrij Rodenbach Grand Cru
Weltenburger Kloster Asam Bock

Though it is hard to break out of the Beer Belly, Beachwood, Congregation core. This might be worth the trip.

Rhein to the Heits

More German beer will be heading L.A.’s way in 2017. Liquid Projects LLC has gathered together five breweries together to bring more Reinheitsgebot approved beer to us.

The five are Distelhäuser, Zoller-Hof, Friedenfelser Brauerei, Riedenburger Brauhaus and Himburgs Braukunst Keller and they launched on the East Coast at the end of last year under the Reinheits Botens banner.

Will the Helles and Alts take share from the mighty IPA?

No Cat, no Fiddle, just a Garden

Looks like some San Francisco is coming to Sunset and the iconic spot that housed the Cat & Fiddle for soo many years.

Biergarten SF with a focus on German food and beer will be taking over the patio with Essen and Trinken (eating and drinking).

Best case scenario it becomes a hip (but not too hip) place to have German beer and German beer styles brewed in America which consumers don’t seem to buy as much. Maybe even get some Andechs beer into town.

OktoberFest at 4 Points

Now that I am on the Beer Advisory Board for the 4 Points at LAX, you are going to hear about the monthly beer appreciation nights every month. And coming up in two days is Oktoberfest.

You can get more details HERE and let me know if you go and what you think could be improved upon or added or what you liked and would like to see more of. I would be there but I will be in Colorado at a certain small beer gathering.

Let’s tour…Elk Mountain

Let’s tour around this extremely new brewery in Colorado. According to their website “Elk Mountain Brewing, Inc., was established in April of 2009, is owned and operated by Tom and Marcia Bell.”

As many breweries do (I assume due to cheap rent and easy highway access) Elk Mountain Brewing is located in an industrial area of Parker, Colorado. They are starting small and “serving truly unique handcrafted microbrews with award winning recipes.”

The spin is German style with an American twist. As is evidenced by their line-up

Rock Slide Amber Ale
A spin off from our Oktoberfest; this full flavored Amber Ale is well balanced with a hint of toasted malt; making it a smooth brew to enjoy.

Mine Shaft Kolsch
Brewed with our house yeast; our Kolch is a clean crisp light colored Ale. Made with a variety of 3 different German hops, this brew leaves you with a prominent but not extreme hoppiness flavor. Not one to abandon so tap into this brew and take pleasure.

Wild Wapiti Wheat
Our German Hefeweizen beer made with Wheat & Barley has a malty sweetness with a big banana and clove essences that comes from our special Hefeweizen yeast; making it heavenly on your palate.

Ghost Town Brown
Our American Brown Ale is crisp and clean. With a hint of roasted nuts and chocolate flavors this is a well balanced brew that will leave you begging for more. So don’t get left behind let the flavors lure you in!

Elk Horn Stout
Medium in body, dark in color; our Oatmeal Stout is brewed with flaked oats and barley along with 5 specialty malts; making it a very big beer that is smooth going down.

Ute Bill Pale Ale
Our American Pale Ale has big hints of hop flavor due to the variety of 3 different hops used in combination with the malted grains leaving a well balanced moderate floral flavor; not overwhelming but just right for the adventurous beer drinker in you.

Puma IPA
For the Hop head – Our India Pale Ale has 3 varieties of hops, complimented with caramel and honey specialty malts. Rich in flavor, Puma IPA is a big beer with a big hop finish.

In the Tap Lines for August 2010

Here is what you (faithful blog reader) can look forward to in this months posts.

– Video reviews of Caldera Kettle Series beers
– Quick tours of Irish and German breweries that you should visit
Session # 42 – A Favorite Beer Memory
– A recap of the Stone 14th Anniversary party
– I suggest (3) beers to put into your ‘fridge
– Beers to try and events to attend
– 50 Beers from 50 States updates
– The monthly tapping of the Firkin, my opinion on the beer world.



When I think of beer afficionados, I think innovation (or collaboration, depending on the day) so when I saw this article in the online edition of the Oregonian, it came as no surprise.

“After months of construction, Prost! opens today as the anchor tenant to the new Mississippi Marketplace, at the corner of North Mississippi and Skidmore. In one of the most interesting experiments in Portland’s dining scene, the new German pub is the first restaurant to open its doors to food-cart customers looking for shelter — and a beer.

Business man Roger Goldingay spent months (not to mention $900,000 in real-estate costs) to shape a new vision for North Portland: converting a dilapidated building and an abandoned lot into a food-cart center, a community gathering place and an incubator for small artisan businesses focused on food or crafts. The cornerstone of Goldingay’s project was finding a restaurant that could work synergistically with its adjacent neighbors: a little village of spiffy food carts and market stalls.

Prost! (pronounced “proast”) was in line with that vision. Cart hoppers can sit outdoors in Mississippi Marketplace’s large tented eating area. But they now also have the option to eat — day or night — inside Prost’s handsome new Greek Revival space, as long as they buy a drink. Surviving Portland’s monsoon season is a major challenge for Portland’s cart owners, and many die with chillier weather. The option to hunker down in a homey space could make is possible for Mississippi Marketplace cart owners to survive — and pave the way for other food cart and restaurant collaborations.

That shouldn’t be too painful, especially is you like German beer (prost means “cheers” in German). On tap: 11 German beers on draft and around 8 to 10 bottled options, plus with a hard liquor license.

Owner Dan Hart will also serve a modest menu of German-style snacks: sausages (sourced locally from The Original Bavarian Sausage), fresh-baked pretzels and sandwiches, with most things under $10.

Mississippi Marketplace is possibly a model for the future, as other developers are already looking to bring similar food-cart projects to other parts of the city. Goldingay says he has been contacted by several developers in recent weeks.

“Most restaurants consider the food carts to be competition,” says Goldingay, whose “Prost! was the first who came on and said we welcome the idea and support it. We’re praying we get through the winter!”

Prost! is located at the corner of North Mississippi and Skidmore, 3 p.m.-2:30 a.m., Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-2:30 a.m. Saturday-Sunday”


The mantra of creative / out of the box thinking is overused especially in the media this last year but I applaud everyone who actually takes it heart and acts on it.