Santa’s Pint Glass – Day 3

Staying in the land of holiday hops for another day so that we can celebrate another year of what is probably the second most iconic seasonal ale. Celebration Fresh Hop IPA from Sierra Nevada.

Described thusly, “Once we pick fresh hops, the clock starts ticking. Each year, we visit the Pacific Northwest to hand-select the best Cascade and Centennial hops, race the harvest home, and brew immediately to capture citrus, pine, and floral notes at their absolute peak — aromas and flavors for the perfect winter beer. It’s a magical time at the brewery — has been for 40 years now! — when our brewers huddle around the fermentation tanks, toasting the start of a special season. Wrapped in red, consider Celebration IPA your first present of the holidays.”

Exploding Pun

Lagunitas is always good for a fresh hop beer and for this 2021 One Hitter release, they are harvesting four popular hops for freshness sake. The brewery may not be at the heights they were pre-Heineken but considering how good Waldos was this year, this beer should be quite nice.

In Bloom

If you are in the Inglewood area today, you might want to check out Three Weavers and their latest Friday / Brewery Only release. “Yakima Bloom is a nod to the hard working hop growers of the Northern Hemisphere – our fresh hop pale ale is made with freshly picked Citra hops and is perfect for celebrating the end of the harvest season.” We don’t get the level of fresh hop beers that Oregon and Washington get so, hop on it.

Featured Beer Review – Epoch Fresh Hop IPA from Groundbreaker

Our next out of Cali review is for Epoch Fresh Hop IPA from Groundbreaker Brewing.

Here is the description from their website, “We’re celebrating the era of the IPA with fresh Strata hops, a new hop variety from Oregon State University and Indie Hops. Tropical citrus layered with herbal dankness.”

This is grapefruit juice. And not that ruby red stuff. There is a smidge of pith in the aroma of this darkish orange gluten-free IPA but man does the full bitter grapefruit come out in the taste. There is an underlying fruit punch note as well. Don’t know if this stark flavor is due to the Strata hop. I could see making a radler with this to give a toned down version even though the ABV is not high. This could be a polarizing amount of citrus. Certainly none of the softness of hazy. Overall, I like it but maybe in 12oz cans more.

Featured Canned Beer Review – Wet Hop from Fremont Brewing

Fremont Brewing has been absent from my tasting for a long, long while but thanks to the delivery site Tavour, I got to sample a couple fresh hop ales from their Field to Ferment series.
Strong with the cat pee this one is. Big aroma of hearty Simcoe in this fresh hop beer. This is really bright and hop filled. Pretty much what you would expect from a fresh beer. This has a solid bite to it that really hits the palate. I think it beats out the Centennial version which is has a little less zest to it.

I am still a little confused as to why they have a website to distinguish which hop varietal you have when they could put that info on a label and make it easier for the consumer. Instead they have a number on the cans and colored coded bottle caps on the bombers which you then figure out yourself.

That aside, I am glad that I got to try this hoppy beer from Seattle.

Just off the Turnip Truck…

…or perhaps a better way to headline this post is Born Yesterday.  A new beer coming from Lagunitas that will be hitting shelves soon and will only travel 24 hours from the source.


I was treated to this news while at the Beer Bloggers Conference.  It will be around 6.2% and will have the now beloved Citra along with Mosaic and Willamette hops but the kicker is that the store will get it 24 hours after it is packaged.  This will be a beer that you MUST check the dates on.  Freshness will be key and I do not want to see reviews of stale Born Yesterday.  Lagunitas already makes one of my all time favorite beer in Sucks and a new favorite in Mandaraison (which damn well better come back) so you can expect goodness here.

Review – Fresh Hop Chinook IPA from Almanac


I like the idea of the organic hop and I like that Almanac has gone to the old school C hops like Cascade, Cluster and Chinook.  The wet hop Chinook pours orange brown in color. Spice is the primary note in both the aroma and flavor. There are some minor grapefruit notes as well the fruit and the pith. Nice mixture of viscous and sparkle. Usually you only get one or the other.  Now I really want to sample the other two of the group.


I am a fan of the re-booted Dr. Who and I was one of the nerds who eagerly downloaded the 50th Anniversary special, the Day of the Doctor.  But I also watched the movie “An Adventure in Space and Time” written by Mark Gatiss who is Mycroft on the BBC Sherlock.   Really fun to see a spin of how Dr. Who came into being and I highly recommend it.  You can get it on Amazon or iTunes.