Sallanches is Where?

It is not often that you see a second location announcement with the location being the French Alps. But that is what Colorado’s Outer Range Brewing is doing…

“Colorado’s Award-winning craft brewery and apres hub, announced Saturday that they are taking their quality craft beer and mountain lifestyle concept to the heart of the French Alps, with a second location in the picturesque, quaint town of Sallanches, France. Set to open in winter 2022, the Sallanches brewery will include a Nashville Hot Chicken restaurant, coffee roaster, a private event space for large parties or weddings, and a climbing wall with floor-to-ceiling views of Mont Blanc.”

All 24

As someone who is completist by nature and who has tried challenges such as drinking a beer brewed in each state, I heartily applaud…

…because I know how hard this is. Logistically getting all the beers in time must have required prep and a long lead time. Now lets get a back-to-back World Cup trophy win, US.

French Brewery # 3 – La Montreuilloise

Our final stop in France is in Montreuil at La Montreuilloise


…where you can taste the colors of beer from…

La Blonde, La Rousse, La Brune and La Blanche or as we would call them, the blonde, red, brown and white.

They also hold brewing workshops every Saturday in the morning and afternoon and you can return in two weeks to get your beer and do more tasting and bottle buying.  Added bonus is that it is not far from Paris or Deck & Donohue.

French Brewery # 2 – Deck and Donohue


If you find yourself on the Rue de la Fraternité in Montreuil then you will find yourself at what sounds like an American brewery name, Deck & Donohue and their fine bieres.

And here is what I would put into my taster tray:

“Strisselspalt exhibits a soft floral aroma with notes of earth, spice, and light citrus. Bitterness is extremely low to showcase these smooth Old World hops, which in their fresh form add a green and vegetal characteristic to the brew. Slightly caramelized malts add a nice Autumnal color and a faint nuttiness. The beer finishes discretely dry.”

“Monk Brown Ale.  Our twist on the under-appreciated brown ale style. To this smooth dark ale, thanks to the generous addition of oats, we combine a variety of French-kilned malts to impart a subtle malt complexity of roasted, toasted, and chocolate flavors. Finishes dry.”

“Our new interpretation of a traditional farmhouse ale, Trouble #6 is brewed with four cereals, barley, wheat, rye and oats, for a subtle and intriguing malt complexity. Alsatian hops add a spicy, earthy hop character, with light notes of lemon. Effervescent and dry.”
“A hoppy amber ale, Ricochet combines a delicate pine,resin, and orange hop character with toasty and fruity malts. The beer presents itself with light to medium body and finishes slightly bitter. A special beer for every day.”

French Brewery # 1 – Brasserie du Mont Saleve


You can call them fabrique de bières artisanales de Haute-Savoie.  Even without French lessons, a craft beer geek should be aware of what La Brasserie du Mont Saleve believes in.

And they have quite a selection to try from which made selecting a taster tray all the harder (plus I had to dust off my lack of French skills)  but lets get to it:

First up will be the Special Bitter, then on to the French takes on the German Weizen and the American IPA, then onto more hops.  The Admiral Benson which features Nelson Sauvin, Mademoiselle which is Aramis hopped and finally Sorachi Ace Bitter.  And I haven’t even touched on the darker beers in their repertoire.

Sounds like a good way to enjoy the ingredients of beer à partir de malts, de houblons, de levure et d’eau.

(I also don’t use good French grammar either)