Beer Cage Match – Review # 2

We are onto review two from the City Beer Store of San Francisco beer purchase. By the end of the month, I will rank all six. Side Pull was a strong start, how will beer # 2 fare?

Lenticular Cap is labeled as a “Dry-Hopped Modern Pilsner” by this McMinnville, Oregon (Go Wildcats!) brewery.  ForeLand uses Michigan Copper and Meridian hops. Neither on the tip of the hop lovers tongue. LC pours a light and bright yellow.  The taste is just as bright.  Getting big amounts of bread and lemon.  As it warms, it takes on a more floral near to but not quite potpourri.  

I like the beer quite a bit but was expecting a little more hoppy bite to it so it ranks a skosh below.

Beer Cage Match – Review # 1

I am loving the fact that City Beer Store of San Francisco ships anywhere in California. My most recent platypus purchase is a wide mix of beers that I thought, I should rate not in a 1v1 format but WWE style.

Here is review 1. By the end of the month, I will rank all six.

We start with Side Pull a Czech-style pale lager from Fair State and famed lager makers Bierstadt Lagerhaus from Colorado.

SP pours a super light yellow color. Did my best to get the best glassware for such traditional beer. Aroma is beautiful. Brings to mind walking around the old Weinhard plant in Portland. A sweet malt air. This is a really delicate beer to the point of whisper thin. Has a stern bite to it though that really lingers on the roof of the mouth. I hate the word crushable that is used on the label because this is just not something to throw back, this lager has a spine to it.