Food Bowl 2021

It is Food Bowl time in Los Angeles and though, there again appears to be a paucity of beer centered events, it is a good time to see how other beverages are being covered and where trends are going in that and food.

A panel that I signed up for is all about Red Drink. Check out the details HERE. It looks to be an interesting discussion and while you are signing up, you can donate to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

Food Bowl (no beer)

As gladdened as I am that the Food Section of the L.A. Times is back, I opened the Food Bowl schedule with trepidation. Beer is not usually on the menu when it comes to this month long event. I found one beer dinner, with a Colorado brewery and a movie about tequila. Wine had a page of dedicated events and spirits were on practically every page. As they say in sports, “Wait until next year.”