If you can’t make it to the Figueroa Mountain Lagerville event this year, well you can take a little piece home with this 5-way collaboration on an Italian Style Pilsner. Central Coasters love the Tipopils and this looks to be an homage to that style.


If you are the type that needs to see the brewery line-up before a festival, well maybe this will have you driving to Buellton in July…

…that is a darn good representation of the major California brewing communities (plus a couple overseas entrants) and it’s lager to boot. Check out the tickets HERE.

Featured Review – Mosaic Pale from Figueroa Mountain

Our second canned beer from FigMtn is their Mosaic Pale.

Pours a dark orange. Initial biscuity malt strikes me. Orange rind aroma. Orange and pine bitterness. Medium hoppy for this drinker. As it warms the pine needle taste takes the center stage. Tastes fuller than 5.5%. Almost like a Red IPA which is one of my favorite sub-styles because of the heightened interplay of malts and hops.

Featured Review – Point Conception from Figueroa Mountain

This month, the featured review spotlight is on Figueroa Mountain and we start with their newest IPA, Point Conception.

Point Conception pours a bright orange clear color. Jammy and spicy hop nose. First sip brings the West-Coast bitterness that is quite different from many IPA’s today. Pepper note constricts the mouth a bit.  Grapefruit notes come in lightly. This is quite a wet beer despite the spice profile.

Old Hands – New IPA’s

The Mid-Majors of the California brewing world are aware of the trends big and little but they all seem to give the trends a shot.  Just in different ways….

Matt Brynildson from Firestone Walker approached a Hazy IPA via the Weizenbock making their Mind Haze with 40% wheat and oats in the bill and by precise hop additions.

Karl Strauss head brewer Sean Albrecht used their Small Batch program along with a trip to the East Coast as inspiration for their nautical themed Boat Shoes Hazy IPA.

Lastly, Figueroa Mountain used a trip to Yakima Chief to create a new IPA that they named after California geography with Point Conception IPA.

Fig(ure) 8

Not a week goes by without an anniversary around Los Angeles, and here’s a November party to plan on, at Figueroa Mountain in Buellton.

What caught my eye, more than the invite to dress in 1920’s style is the 8th Anniversary beer, a “small-batch, barrel-aged release developed to be reminiscent of an Old Fashioned cocktail with notes of oak, vanilla, caramel, orange, and cherry.”

8th Anniversary Ale will be available to-go in 22oz., wax-topped bottles, in limited supply for $15.99 at the event. You can also purchase the 7th Anniversary Ale beer which have been pulled from a secret supply for a double win.

Featured Reviews – Hops from Figueroa Mountain

Figueroa Mountain has expanded their canned offerings and for the first of two “doubled-up” reviews, I re-taste Hoppy Poppy IPA and Lizard’s Mouth DIPA for the first time from cans and for the first time in quite a while.

First up is Hoppy Poppy IPA which pours a real dark orange. On the nose is a soft orange blossom aroma but this tastes much stronger than a normal, regulation IPA. There is a really strong malt backbone to this beer along with some pine notes that lurk in the background.

Next is Lizard’s Mouth DIPA which also sports an orange aroma but this is more hearty than just a blossom. There is heavier alcohol with a bit of burn to it putting this closer to a Barleywine in my book. The Lizard also holds a big malt presence and it is bitter but more in a radicchio way.

From these two examples, it appears that FigMtn is just upleveled hop wise which would make a Session IPA more in the IPA realm. Of the two, I like the Poppy a bit better due to the less heavy presence.

Moving Closer

Figueroa Mountain Brewing must have construction companies on speed dial what with opening new taprooms all along the Central Coast of California. Now an amazing sixth taproom is open and it is the closest yet for those of us in Los Angeles up north in Westlake Village. Located in the Shoppes at Westlake Village, the taproom will seat 200 and most importantly includes a 15-barrel brewhouse.

Nic Bortolin, Head Brewer for the new location will have the flexibility to brew “specialty beers not only for that location but for nearby retail accounts, as well. In addition to their year-round line-up of beers, Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. will offer beers on nitro, collaboration beers from their Short Tank Series, seasonal beers and taproom specialties brewed by Nic as well as from other FigMtnBrew brewpubs. Beer cocktails and floats are also available along with non-alcoholic beverages. Cask ales will be coming soon.”

That last point is the draw for me to try the beers in a new format.

Now you have many options for FigMtn beers be it at the main location in Buellton, or Los Olivos, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and Arroyo Grande, California.