A Book & A Beer – We Ride Upon Sticks by Quan Barry

A book about a field hockey team in Massachusetts in the ’80’s is not a selling point for me, but Quan Barry has crafted just the right tone to We Ride Upon Sticks. It is both funny and illuminating with the narrator guiding you through the turbulent season that complicates the lives of each member of the Danvers team. I burned through this book in a day because I wanted to see how this played out and how the spirit of Emilio Estevez would wreak havoc.

First, if you can find a Pink Boots hop blend beer. That would be perfect. Field hockey gear or brewing gear. It doesn’t matter who wears it as long as they know what to do with the sticks or mash paddles.

An even more obvious choice would be to get the OG Sam Adams Boston lager and practice your accent or just imagine the 80s lingo filtered through that east coast dialect.