1st Visit – San Dimas – Feathered Serpent

The next stop in San Dimas was Feathered Serpent.

After the good start at Highpoint, I was feeling confident.  I was hyped about this new brewery.  I drove through the Western-y part of downtown San Dimas out to another industrial park.  I was thinking it would be like Border X in Bell or Pacific Plate in Monrovia where I could find something super different. Alas, not to be.

It was the 2nd weekend of the brewery after a successful opening and I was surprised to see that their Amber had sold out.  When was the last time an amber kicked first?  The four remaining beers were all fairly muddy affairs where flavors seemed dulled and fighting each other.

The Porter was the standout.  Solidly done.  Was spot on to the style.  Neither the Session or regular strength IPA had much hops going on.  I couldn’t taste what they were aiming for at all.  The Blonde was OK but fell far behind the Highpoint version to my mind.

I am hoping that this is just part of the learning curve and that the brewery will grow from this point because I do like the mural on the wall of the taproom, the branding is great and people were super friendly.