Larsblog now Larsbook

Some blogs have a nice through line built in that makes it just right to move into book form, such is the case with Farmhouse Ale Quest which sprung from the blog of Lars Marius Garshol. Make sure to buy from him so he can get the full amount of money. Find it HERE.

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

Dave Logsdon started with Full Sail then moved to Wyeast Labs. So he knows beer from multiple angles and now he has a farmhouse line of beers under his own name.

Logsdon is entering the Belgian, farm-style ales category. He plans to release two beers this spring — a Seizoen and a Seizoen Bretta.

I love this quote that I saw in one of the articles about the new brewery, “We’re probably the only brewery in the United States that’s a farmhouse making farmhouse ales,” The beer will be made on a family farm with organic hops.

Plus, it has been set-up as a co-op. So maybe more beers from different brewers will come of this incubator of sorts.

Logsdon Farmhouse beers will pop up at New Seasons and Whole Foods as well as local restaurants in Hood River and Portland and maybe beyond later.